Friday, December 16, 2016

Why Doordardhan's Ramayan is re-invented again and again

Like me, all the ones watching this video might have seen the serial Ramayan once in their childhood. The version of Ramayan that was aired by Doordarshan in our childhood was a bit dramatic but captured the faith of a good section of people… so called “socially religious animals” towards it. It were though targeted to the Hindu’s in India, in those days it were not much socially targeted but was treated a good broadcast available on the ‘not always broadcasting’ “Doordarshan”

I remember that not everyone had televisions those days and to have a television was like ‘I am rich’ and ‘influencer’. The old televisions were like some cupboard where there used to be a door that when opened would enable you to see the screen. I sometimes thought why they called the channel Doordarshan, was it because everyone was sitting far(Door) and watching (darshan)… huh! You think everything possible when you are a kid… “I was a genius” .. oops! atleast better than my friend who once asked “hey! Abhi we all go to the toilets in train and the waste from our body is on the railway track… what would happen if someone wants to go to toilet in a plane… is it on the head of the people standing beneath a flying plane”… ha ha…

People would literally shout “Jai siya ram” along with Hanuman and try to be part of this acting that they thought was real. People in those days were more attached to the actors in the serials and would worship them like gods…

I remember my mother asking me to take a bath in the morning and be available at the ground floor of the house where all the neighbours would be available to see the serial ramayan. Each of the ‘so called bhakths’ would have a basket with flowers and garlands. When the serial starts with the music "Raamayan"

Everyone would individually go to the television box and put garland on it. They will also light an agarbathi… (insence stick) and do the Pooja…. Believe me or not, this was actually happening. It was so immersed that anyone would recognize the music from the serial even if they were walking on the streets.

I even had a bow and arrows as toys. Modern day Ben10 and superman toys are popular among the children. But the weapons and the attire that the old Ramayana guys used were Viral. Every child out there wanted a bow and arrow. God, they were like cupid! Ha ha…

The acting of the modern day Ram seems to be not up to the expectations, May be my feeling because I have watched the old ram and his patient talking. To me the older Ram was matured in his appearance and no one would expect him to say “what the crap”. The music that was selected by Ramanand Sagar was also peculiar and matched the old day standards. Agree with me or not, Ram was old and not from this ERA.

Over these year’s Ram has come before us in different avtars in different channels, with different stories. At times, I think was it all real and why is it different in every other serial. The essence of the serial is not whether the story has changes and are they true but if we can learn something out of it. Debates can be on and off continuous for day and night until there is another cyclone and Noah comes with his ship….

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to meet Narendra Modi personally Face to Face [Candid Notion]

Is it possible to meet the best prime minister India has ever seen personally and face to face. I hope yes, if you have a will you have a way. 

Narendra Damodardas Modi also know as Modi or Narendra Modi is our Indian priminister. He is a 66 year old enthusiastic leader India has ever seen. A long vision and willingness to make things happen is what makes him unique. Previously the president of the western Indian state, Gujarat he was being trusted by Indian's with immense votes to lead them as the leader of independent India. 

Let's learn the possibilities of meeting him.

1. Establishing contact with a Member of Parliament through a MLA. 

2. Request for an appointment through the official Narendra Modi website, though chances are feeble you at least stand a chance of meeting him. 

3. Try to get in a rally through the district president of the Bharatiya Janata Party. 

4. Write a letter to the PM at 

Hon. Shri Narendra Modi
The Prime Minister of India
Prime Minister’s Office
152, South Block
Raisina Hill
New Delhi – 110 011

5. Tweet PMO India or Narendra Modi 

6. Send message to Narendra Modi through their official website. 

You can be a part of the emerging India by following his updates through Narendra Modi News in broadcasting channels, his official website or the Android app. 

The Android app has a nice interface with options that are easy to select and understand. This app gives you the opportunity to learn different happenings in the country and hear directly from the Prime Minister. There are info-graphics that depict the progress BJP government has made and where Narendra Modi's initiatives were effective. 

There are options to contact the prime minister directly through E-Mails & Messages. Options like 'Mann Ki Baat' and forums where you can share your ideas, views and converse with different people. You can contribute and earn badges through the to-do tasks. The funny part is you can also receive personalized Birthday Greetings from the PM. Though it is proud to be receiving it , but funny as well.
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