Sunday, January 31, 2010

Honest chicken curry that revealed some important secrets

I visited gymnasium only once in the previous week and cooked once in previous one month. I am sleeping late and the same happens when I wake up so I miss the Gym. Reasons for not cooking the food are lack of time and laziness. I have a lot of reasons for not doing the activities I did daily; however I could have changed my habits to make them possible.

Shalini from “diminutive corner of my mind” tagged me with the so called honest scrap and said to mention some honest points about me. I already received this award prior from Mythreyi but did not write any honest points at that time. Here I will compensate it by listing few honest things about me.

Some honest points aka secrets about Abhilash

1. The person whom I love the most

Ans: Amma (My mother). She is the person I love a lot and care for. There is no other creature in this world as kind hearted as a mother. Even a father (man) would never sacrifice certain things for his son/daughter as a mother (woman) would. And that is one among the reasons I respect woman, as my mother is one among them.

2. My favorite eatables

Ans: Aloo ka paratha with curd, Conju theeyal(prawns theeyal), gajar ka halva, tilli ke ladoo. My mother prepares them very well and I love eating them. I have been having worst food after I started working in Cochin. These comments are applicable to hotels (No motherly homes).

3. My favorite chef

Ans: My mother. I hope no one can prepare better than that, at least for my taste buds.

4. Qualities in boys I search to call them good friends

Ans: unselfishness, Kindness, Ability to accept faults. I hate people who cannot keep words and who react different according to situations. I love active, laughing, frank and adventurous people.

5. Qualities in girls I search to call them friends

Ans: Maturity and ability to take decisions. My father was a late 70’s guy and never encouraged boy-girl parties and discussions. Further to my mothers insistence I started studying and made myself away from girls. (Ok, not everything but something is true yaar). Girls in my college used to call me “Einstein” :) This fact was revealed by one of the girls who discussed this with me in final year farewell party.

6. My favorite childhood movie star

Ans: Mithun. Oh! Sorry Mithun da. I remember the dialogue of my friend Mayank, who insisted to add “DA” in front of Mithun.(His words were as follows… Mithun nahi Mithun da bolne ka)

7. My dialogue during college days

Ans: “Kyun re, happy bday hain kya?”…

This dialogue was often used in front of the people who reacted rude and used to show their influence in the college. Happy bday hain kya(Is today your birthday?) signifies the intention of warning the listner that things may go wrong.

In north India, we used to hit the birthday boy at his back for the numbers equal to his age (This was called birthday bump). The speaker of the dialogue intends to ask the listener about his willingness to have some bumps.

These were some of the honest things about me. I am not ready for more, the reason being 11 Pm and I feel sleepy.

Today was a very busy day for me. I watched all the 7 movies in the series “police academy” and cooked food at home. I got a comment from Mythreyi on my previous article which detailed that she hasn’t seen any recipes in my blog since long time. So I decided to prepare something and chose Chicken pepper chops as the recipe for preparation. I am not planning to describe the recipe as she already did it once in her blog.

I went to the nearby market and bought 2 kg’s of Chicken. Then started the process of cooking which lasted for few hours and finally I was able to taste chicken and chapattis.
Mythreyi’s article had the chicken with gravy. I reduced the amount of gravy and made it thick so I could have the masalas well spread over the pieces. I am thankful to god that all went right otherwise my stomach would have gone for an emergency and 300 rupees, in air.

Nothing was wasted in the process of preparation, as the left over’s of chicken while cleaning were given to Pappu(the dog in the house). I remember his eyes staring at me when I gave him some bread pieces last time. The house owner said later that the dog only eats non vegetarian and avoids chapattis and other eatables.

I never make any mistakes in adding salt, pepper, chilies and masalas(no kidding boss). My mother once said to a women asking for my marriage that I am going to marry after 28 years. A woman replied from a group saying she has a girl for me who could prepare good food and looks nice. My answer was that I think I don’t need a marriage as I can cook well. The lady passed some serious looks on me saying ladies are not only for cooking or cleaning. I understood the ball is in woman’s court and I escaped from the place.

I am signing off for today and plan to meet you the same time tomorrow. I have to heat the chicken so I can have it for the morning.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Story of creating hill top’s and cycle seats as learning grounds

Learning has no fixed place, no fang shui, no Vastu and no Shastra. Children can be seen learning in tree shades, in study rooms, school verandas, balconies and even below street lamps (some famous person is believed to be studying below street lamps). I used to sit on the top edge of my staircase, or the bicycle or the top roof of my house to study. I will sit on the carrier and keep the books on the cycle seat and will start reading loudly with my legs always rotating the paddles in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. I had a habit of reading loudly, making myself distract from the children playing on the streets or the sister watching television. I never understand anything when I sit on a chair with book kept on the table and eyes pointing to the letters on the pages. I was not able to understand the reason until now. : )

There is neither a start for learning and nor an end to learning. The more you learn, the more you become knowledgeable. Learning and gathering knowledge does not mean a collection of some unusable items in a database that can never be used for something creative and just for mere retrieval in some General knowledge tests. Learning means collecting and implementing. Our ancestors are believed to be monkeys, thousands and thousands of years ago. From that instance to here, we have travelled a long journey, collecting knowledge and applying it for our future generations so that they are not any monkeys who jump on trees and climb hill tops with a long tail.

Studying is not a hard process if you are really interested in doing it. Children often find it hard to grasp their historical monuments, year of great events, dates for birth and death of great personalities etc. It is not that some have great brains while others have a small one; but I feel it is the mentality of everyone that leads to his ability to grasp knowledge. You can see some children who are weak in studies but can remember entire lyrics of a song, can remember a face to draw, can remember names, birth and deaths of film actors, remember teams and records of cricketers etc. This means that they have brains but they are not interested in what they are learning.

Studies should be introduced to children as a means to make them capable of asking and answering what, how, when, where, which, will, but, etc.

I loved drawings, pictures and colors and always used to be with it. Apart from drawings I was interested in playing cricket, flying kites, video games and several domestic games with friends. I was satisfied with each and every outcome that originated as a result of my hands and brushes. I used to hate figures (maths) and dates (history). I thought why to learn when an old man died or what his wife cooked last winter or what Alice did in the wonderland. I would rather use that time creatively in my drawings or play outside with my friends. My parents become irritated about me, who was always involved in drawings or playing with friends and they introduced a slogan “Drawing, playing go back”.

After several protests (Quit drawings and start learning), dandi march(beating with sticks, hands), compromise talks(please learn my son and I am going to get you a new video game this year), non violence(crying to make me change my ways), I finally decided to quit drawing and playing(not completely but partially). Pappu can try to become pappy, but he will ultimately be pappu, right? I was not called Pappu but I like the name Pappu.

So finally I decided to move on the path of ultimate nirvana (learning and studying) shown by my parents. I tried to learn but my brain always hates the equations, dates, histories, geographies, civics, chemistry, etc. My mother decided to train me through sticks, sweets to make me change my mind and some how or the other I started eating equations, formulas and old king and queen stories. I was not happy with what I was doing as this was something out of my crazy and happy life.

Then Akash joined me to college on bicycle. He was a studios guy who even discussed about studies in the journey by cycle. He tells me to ask him questions and answers them on the journey. He would then repeat the process for me, who did not learn anything. I went home that day and started learning the first lesson so I could answer his questions while on the journey. This started continuously and I was becoming closer to studies and learning. I am very thankful to Akash for his efforts that made me enter the arena for learning and giving me the confidence and inspiration to learn.

Still equations and formulas were a problem for me. I was not able to learn the IC’s, their pins functions and all appeared hard to learn. I started drawing IC’s and pasteurizing their functions. This helped me to memorize them for long even without reading it again. I used to take a singe copy to the college and used to read books. Sometimes a single page used to serve the purpose of taking notes for all the subjects. I only draw pictures and wrote something in 1- words to remember their use. This habit enabled me to remember things for even long than the others reading and memorizing could. I knew what the next point in an answer should be and what is the next equation or next solution to any puzzle. Everything was using drawings and pictures.

I met a lot of people in my life who have new ways of studying things and memorizing them. Vikram was one of them who used to remember anything once it’s narrated to him. He had a very great IQ power. He used to concentrate on the words of the narrator and used to match them with something existing. In this way he could recall it anytime. This helped me in changing my ways of learning and adapting his style to group with my existing one.

The person whom I thank the most for my studies is Mayank. Mayank was a boy who was not a person with great IQ, neither a genious but he had a will power to do hard work, try and try again. He never accepted defeat and used to study until he understood it well. He gave me a lot of inputs in my studies and guided me to new ways of learning. His greatest quality was that he always exchanged knowledge and information and never felt wrong in telling others how to learn things. He says “Knowledge increases when you share it”.

I still have those pictures in my mind. It is necessary for each child to understand the best way he can learn, making learning an interesting session. Also a good friend is always necessary to understand what you need and how you can do.

Try to become that friend for your child or your sister/brother and find his hidden abilities which can be molded to lead the objective. Every child is a genius provided you give glucose (right direction and guidance) and welcome his creative ideas.

Haaaaapy republic day to all.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

An effort to kill the mental illness

It was afternoon, the street was vacant around kilometers and I was driving the bike at 70 km/hr. Hot air was blowing from the sides, back, front and everywhere it could find a way in. We were speaking about Solaris and Sameer’s craziness about the software’s and computers. I turned my face and saw a person riding cycle in front of me. I pressed the brakes as hard as I can to make him pass my sight. The pressure was on the front brakes; and the back tyre made its way in front of the later causing us to taste the dirt and mud on the ground. That was the first time Hanish scolded me.

Hanish Prakash Patel

Hanish is my friend who was with me from fifth class until engineering. We were travelling in his new Fiero bike with the knowledge that I was deprived of a license.

Hanish is one of the great friends I have, who has helped me in my life. He called me a couple of days ago from Gujrat. He is in USA and visited India after a period of two plus years for a celebration announced on the occasion of his nephew’s mundan ceremony. He is completing his MS in Los Angeles and often sends me the pictures from Hollywood. He is the only friend who calls me monthly even though he has to spend a grand; and that’s what is called a friend. Isn’t it?

We spoke long until his mother prompted him for the dinner. He left the phone with the message that I can call him back the next day on the same number. I was busy with work and escaping from my life, so did not call him until now. It has passed a week and I am not yet ready to contact him and share old memories.

I do not understand why people start loosing relationships and their importance when they start working in an IT background. The corporate world has its flaws that are hidden behind the money it showers. People can smile in a meeting and exchange old memories but they never remember things again. An amnesia that could be better called a short time memory loss.

I stopped calling my parents daily and made it to once a week. I did not want to keep the nostalgic moments entering my minds when I am far. This extended further and now I call them when they ring back asking my whereabouts. I love my parents and want to keep close with them but I am also a victim of the busy corporate world. This is the reason I can give to the people who ask for the causes of not calling them. But I know that’s not true.

I gave my mobile for a service to let Nokia correct some wifi problems and update the firmware. I bought a packet of pakodas, bread and big bananas for the dinner. I hope that can satisfy the burning stomach.

I am trying to get out of my created problems and find a way to reach my old behavior. I will call my parents tomorrow and some of my friends. I hope this will help me have a refreshing breath and cure my mental illness.

Living with a couple of Nerds

I spoke with my friend, a couple of days ago. He is shifted to a new location after transfer of his job and he is living with new room mates. He was entirely sad and narrated his story in a gloomy way. He says he misses his old friends at Hyderabad and that the days were really memorable. He mentioned that the new companions are serious people who are not interested to co-operate or share resources. I asked him to be free with them and try to adjust in the way they live their life. The problem he faces most is that some of them are arrogant and they behave odd.

This article is not intended to introduce the sad story from my friend. I never watch any sad movies neither I have interest to share sad contents with the blog readers. This blog shares my daily life whether bad or good. If it could spread some knowledge I am satisfied.

My story is also same as my friend, the difference being I have room mates who are not the so called nerds. : ) I miss my old room mates and the locality where we were living. It was a land of temples with calm atmosphere and temple bells ringing in a sweet melodious music spreading the positive energy. This is not the first time for me and, now I am used to this atmosphere, however this time I am caught.

My new house-mates are silent Santa clauses who cannot sing any Christmas songs, but they plan to change me into one.

This place is too big, with AC, TV, Geezer, Wardrobes, Washing machine, modern kitchen, watch dog, car porch, etc but I feel it as a jail where I have been sentenced for 16 years imprisonment. Like every convict I have a separate cell, in which I have to spend my time. This house appears like bait for the rat where this human rat has to enter at 6.30 PM and leave by 8 AM.

To be frank I haven’t killed anyone for which I have been sentenced so severely. All the things in the home appear dead including the people. I am used to active atmosphere, laughing people, funny pranks, hefty music and I am almost running in a reverse order. I will have to practice yoga and meditation to live here.

Hope everything gets well soon. Do you have any suggestions for adjusting with the new atmosphere?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do dreams come true if beleived from heart - a realistic story

Once upon a time there lived a boy in a small city called Ernakulam who always beleived that dreams come true if they are beleived from the heart. The boy got up in the morning, wrote an article for his blog and went to the office. The article was on 2012 phenomenon. In the article he expressed the wishes he would like to see converted before the so-called world’s end. To his surprise he saw that one of his dream objects was available in Ernakulam. He waited no-long and approached the shop with Avinash.

I was waiting for a year to buy some innovative mobile. I bought my nokia n70 two years ago after going through several reviews. It was a craze for me and I used to install all available software’s and take plenty of pictures with it. It served me the purpose of being a phone, a camera, a diary, a alarm, a torch and lot’s more. All the pictures seen in my blog named Life at Abhi are taken from my Nokia n70 smartphone.

I accomplished one of the dreams on Friday, 8/1/2010 after purchasing the fabulous nokia n97 mini. When iphone was released, I was eager to purchase it and the rates were even indicated in the apple website as 8000 rupees. We were all crazy about the image flips, zoom, music features that iphone pasteurized on its website. After its release in India the rates went high to 32000 rupees and we were in vein. That was the day when we boycotted apple iphone and started waiting for Nokia to launch a new mobile with features same as iphone and that looks better than it.

I was reading reviews on new nokia mobiles for a year and finally purchased a mobile phone. The funds were collected in a period of one year, drop by drop monthly to serve the purpose. It was something like a child placing money in a piggy bank for purchasing a cycle or a video game.

The looks of the new nokia n97 mini are superb and looks slim than its mother, the nokia n97. I hope everyone will fall in love with this cute girl in the first sight. It has a great design, lovely touch and QWERTY keypad. I got three movies free with the Nokia n97 mini named spiderman, the Da vinci code and one Julia Roberts’s movie. The images appear clear and the video clarity is DVD. I shared the reliance data card internet connection on my laptop with the mobile through wireless port. I was able to access the websites the same was as in my laptop with a better touch experience.

The first website I opened was “Life at ABhi” and was excited to see it appear cool on the device. It supports broadband connection speed upto 7 MBPS and I can download movies and songs the same as in my laptop. I even tried accessing my emails with an email client similar to Microsoft outlook express and even accessed skype, twitter and msn successfully. The features are cool with a RAM, processor and laptop like appearance. We went for a tour to Kollam to witness the house wrming session of the CEO.

I have changed my house and have shifted to a bigger house in Ernakulam with facilities that were lacking in the later like AC, greaser, god’s and modern necessities that make human a lazy cat. Due to the immediate shift I am deprived of my Tata Indicom broadband connection and I was forced to experience their troublesome shifting procedures. Finally I decided to move with Asianet and assume will get the internet connection tomorrow. Now I can access internet from my N97 mini by sharing the wireless broadband connection. This procedure has to continue until I have the 3G connection here in Ernakulam.

Things are packed and kitchen is not yet ready for cooking. I am having food from outside since four weeks and washing machine is not yet active. I remember the dialogue in Sholay “Bahut nainsafi hai boss!!” (Boss is added by me). This is not due to the lack of the resources in kitchen or washing machine but due to my lazy behavior since one month. I hope I will recover from my lazy-cat behavior and will become an active-lion as before who used to laugh and bog.

At night we went to see a celebration in a nearby temple which had Kacheri(Karnatic music) with the temple decorated like a newly wedded groom. This is a new temple in the locality and we, Avinash and I have decided to visit it tomorrow morning. Jk always use to say that I go to temples to count the colors, but god knows the truth. ;)

Please excuse me if the text is out of the topic at places. I am feeling sleepy and the text might reflect it. I plan to see the remeining dreams converted to real at least while I am asleep. Do you beleive that dreams will come true?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fulfilling unending dreams before 2012 – war of concepts, logics and belief

I am writing this post sitting on my bed, with Avinash ironing his clothes and Noufal getting ready for the office. We had a discussion on 2012 phenomenon and several incidents and thoughts came out. We saw the movie 2012 and from then my friends keep telling that the world is going to end by 2012 and their concept is that the movie has logic and the glaciers are melting too.

People try to devise their own logic behind each concept. People often fear in their life and try to find reasons for their laziness and worries. We all think in different manner but shouldn’t we think about today and leave tomorrow in the hands of future generations to come.

My sister has an eye on my mobile and she is talking about it from the time she reached college. I said that I am waiting for her to pass the college with flying colors and her reply was that the world is going to end by 2012 and why should she wait until then to get the mobile.

Avinash was teaching his brother to save money and the importance of it in life. Children are intelligent and think beyond our thoughts. His brother denied Avinash’s preaching with his concept that the world is going to end by 2012 and why should we save money. We can visit different places and eat everything before we die. Really a classic thought, isn’t it?

I remember a story named balkaran in the text book of 7th class in which a group of soldiers were conversing about some sweets. One suspected that it may have poison and to avoid it. The reply from the other soldier was that “marna hi hain toh jahar khakar kyun nahi mare, bhuk se jaan nikli ja rahi hain” (If we have to die one day then why not with a poison, I am dying with hunger). The same is my concept, if you have to die one day then don’t worry about it and live your life as usual.

Do we expect lord Vishnu to save earth as a vamana avatar or take a technical avatar and save the earth? : )

According to Wikipedia 2012 marks the end of the Mayan long count calendar which was used in Central America, prior to arrival of Europeans. There are different theories that Wikipedia suggests making 2012 as the end of human beings. You can read them here in the Wikipedia’s article on 2012 phenomenon.

I saw a black forest in Faiza Ali’s blog and wished I could have one. I wasted no time and went to a nearby bakery and purchased one. The moment the cake touched my tongue I felt satisfied fulfilling my wish.

Will life end by 2012? Thoughts are welcome.

Before my life ends I would like to accomplish some of my dreams. I thought why not to list some of the dreams here.

1. My dream is to purchase a Mercedes benz by my salary. It will take at least some years for it to come true but if life is to end by 2012 then I would prefer a ambassador modified to Benz. ;) If god adds some years to my life then for sure I will purchase it. To be a bit confident, there is nothing in my life that I have dreamed and never achieved. “Bahut confidence hain bhai”?

2. I have to purchase my dream mobile nokia n97 which I am dreaming to buy since long. I have the cash ready but again a confusion exists whether to buy the new n900 or wait for google’s nexus one to release in India. I and the colleagues have decided to quit iPhone together, so no comments on it.

3. I want to spend some time with my mother. I dream to be with my mother for at-least a month and eat the delicious food she prepares. I dream to take my mother to each and every corner of the earth and explore the food and culture before I die. I want to at least win a Sudoku puzzle faster than she do and answer any quiz more quickly than she could. A big dream but yes I can do. At least, let me believe it.

4. I have to install Need for speed and play it in networking with my friends. I did this during my college days but this is something different. Let the fun begin. I want to play it the whole day until my heart says “Abhi, you are done; now it does not matter even if you die.”

5. I wish I could go again to my college and sit with my friends to bring back the lost days, months and years. I wish I could sit in the class of Artificial intelligence once again that everyone feared to attend. I plan to propose the girl whom I forget due to my parent’s insistence for studies. I want to sit at the back benches and pass comments and enjoy life the way I did. I am confident that I would be able to answer all the questions from my teachers.

Even if the world ends I will always have 5 points whether 5 steps to cooking, 5 steps to eating, 5 steps to programming, 5 steps to exploring or what so ever.

I would not insist but would be happy if others can also list their dreams either in their blogs or as a comment in this article. May god turn, all your wishes into real.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A teacher’s inherent advice for 2010: Beta kaabil bano kaabil, kamyabi toh

Madhavan conclude 3 idiots with the dialogue “Beta kaabil bano kaabil, kamyabi toh sala jhak marke peeche aayengi”(man! be independent in thoughts and implementation and then see, how success tries to approach you). How true the guy says, however it depends on how you weigh the word “kaabil” (one who is independent and wise). I begin 2010 by wishing you all a happy new year and great future. Gone are the days of 2009 but still lives the memory that enables us to recollect the happy moments and understand the mistakes that we can avoid in the New Year.

Photo credits: faq

We started 31st night celebration witnessing Kanankulangara vedikettu (celebration in temples where crackers and fireworks are burnt) in Shiva temple. Streets were crowded with people and vehicles were arranged, far in reach from the explosives. There were many crackers, the size of rockets and shells placed in fixed positions separated from each other waiting to be on fire. Crackers started burning one after the other and we went to NM food corner to have a stomach-filling dinner.

It was 11.59 when my father called to wish a happy New Year. In India if you try mobiles on 31st then remember, you are trying your luck.

I don’t know how each one of us sees studies and schooling. In India children are treated as a commodity used by parents for their neighborhood and kitty party competitions. Schools and colleges has become tracks of a race where all are competing to get their children score well than the others in the race. The last result is never a child with complete knowledge rather a robot who has to run on commands. Parents never ask any child what he wishes to become but tell him what he has to become.

I remember the scene in 3 idiots where Aamir khan tells the teacher that he is not trying to teach him engineering but trying to teach him how to teach. The same happens in different schools and colleges where the teachers just come to teach the syllabus they are allocated to teach from the books. They can never explain the students where this applies or how easy it is to learn. Students never learn the exact objective of the course but act like mere USB devices that can store some predefined information and paste it wherever required.

Students should be able to understand what they are studying and why they are studying it rather than just being worried about how to mug-up and score in the exams. I hope new generations will start understanding the importance of knowledge and its importance in life rather than being mere rank holders.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New test tube born species of man discovered recently in Kayamkulam Kerala

It was 12 Pm and I was on the Kayamkulam NH 47 highway looking on both the sides to see the vehicles cross the road. I saw a Honda innova approaching the end and I decided to wait with the indicators in the bike “on” until the vehicle passes me. I was on one side of the road and within seconds found myself in the middle of the road with my vehicle leaving me back and the helmet running towards other side of the road. I saw the innova crossing besides my head leaving a slight gap which if avoided could take my head off my neck.

Photo credits: The london acupuncture space

Oh! I screemed and stood up gently and found my right arm paining at the joints, waist and spinal cord appeared to be broken and injured deeply. I saw a group of people running towards me. It was not late for me to discover that a bike had thrashed me out from the road side to the middle. This bike driver did not see me in the middle while speaking to his wife and hit me hard.

The bike was on the other end waiting for the response of my injury. The bike had two small children, a man with specs and a woman that appeared to be his wife. People gathered and planned to act against the man in the bike. I convinced them that I was fine and let the man go as he is with his family. Soon the people took my bike up and made me relax and went.

I was about to leave when I saw the man approaching me. I thought he might be worrying about my health that was affected due to his mistake and came to convey his apologies. Without letting him say anything I said “No I have no issues, please you can leave”. To my surprise I saw him answering “You may not have any issues but I have a lot of injuries and my wife too in the legs”. I was astounded and stood still, freezed for a moment staring at the “test-tube-born man”. I referred him as test-tube-born since he does not deserve the rights to be born directly from a mother.

He saw the mob departing and came to make issues with me convincing him and me that it was my mistake to stand at the side of the road when he was travelling with his family. I had no words to revert and answered him that he should renew his licence if it was issued in mistake. People gathered again and he left.

I was waiting to cross the road that leads to GDM auditorium where Shehna’s marriage was scheduled to begin at 12.30. I was wearing the new pink shirt that my mother gave me during my visit to Nagpur for Atul’s marriage. The shirt got torn at the arm while I was dragged on the road. I will have to stitch it as it is precious to me.

I thought about my father, mother and sister on the other bike who would have problems if I pointed the mob their presence. I do not wonder now as I realise that anything can happen in this decade. My friend Jk rushed towards the place of incident and accompanied me to the auditorium. My spinal cord and area surrounding it was paining like the one it would after anaesthesia. Jk said me to remember that it is not us who should learn driving but also the others who surround us, so be vigilant whenever I drive or on the road.

I am thankful to god that I was not driving otherwise I would never be seen alive writing this blog. I have to take the vehicle for a small service that could repair the handle and some side joints. I attended the marriage without letting others know about my accident and the pain I was experiencing since then. I had the food and left without letting the friends know I am leaving. I reached home and applied some medicine on the joints and spinal cord, took some pain killers and slept for 2 hours.

I am feeling fine today but still persist the memory of the species of man, on whom I showed my sympathy.
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