Monday, August 31, 2009

Rare surprise for my family on Onam 2009

Tomorrow is a very pleasant day for me. My parents are coming to Kerala to celebrate their Onam. My father is visiting Kerala after 9 years. My parents remember their last Onam in kerala 23 years ago when I was a child. After that, they have never celebrated an Onam in Kerala.

They planned to give a surprise to their parents, brothers, and sisters by giving them a visit on Onam 2009 as none would expect them that day. They called me last week and said, they are planning to come to Kerala for Onam. I said I will book the tickets and they can come, I got an immediate answer from my mother “the tickets are already booked. We are coming on 1st September”. I should expect such reply… mm.. at last, she is my mother.

I am packing all things so I can accompany them from Ernakulam. All I would take is my laptop, rest I have at the house where my grandparents reside. I called my grandmother and said two of my friends are expected to come on Onam celebration and to prepare food for them. I don’t want my parents to starve on Onam 2009.

I was ironing my shirt and there comes a ring from my head to call a client and clear urgent problem in the project. I took my helmet, pushed key into the keyhole of bike and boom… reached office corrected the problem, uploaded files, called him and sorted out the problem. Now I am back home, I plan to watch kandasaamy may be after I am back from home. I assume it will be a great movie.

I am gonna enjoy this Onam. May Onam 2009 bring happiness. My wishes for a very healthy and prosperous Onam for you and all your family members.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tripunithura’s Thiruvathira, an exercise for women – Onam 2009 special

I always speak about IT age, yes the IT era where boys and girls sit 8-12 hours in front of a computer.Girls and boys are always busy thinking about figure and beauty, dieting mm… "we do not have time for exercises. : )

Always in front of a computer wont help you physically at the end of the day. People can see youths getting prone to diseases and mental tension.

I witnessed Thiruvathira in Cochin, a dance played by women since years. It was held at NSS Auditorium in Tripunithura, the land of royal kings and queens. Girls gathered before a lit lamp and started dancing awesome, matching the beats of the music.

Thiruvathira is celebrated on the asterism Thiruvathira in Dhanu, the fifth month of Malayalese calendar (Kolla Varsham). Thiruvathira was new to me and this is the first time I am watching this dance LIVE.

I think Onam has introduced a great exercise for women named Thiruvathira. “No exercise for men?”. But why to go for a one time exercise that happens once in a year, I think we can work in our home helping each other, walking once in a week rather that giving excuses, " I have no time for a gym so I am getting fat. I need to do dieting".

If girl and boys understand this, then they will soon lose their weight and gain a good posture. I think modern girls are interested in looking like skeletons, I think so; If not then why to eat less and suffer.

My sister was always ready for a dieting but never for exercise. Her friends have advised her to use a sauna belt to maintain figure. They say no need for an exercise, tie the belt and you have a well toned body. mm… again a Asian sky shop ad! :)

My grandmother is 70+ years and she is still active, has all black hairs, good eyesight, and yes of course good fitness. She works daily in her house; get up at 6 Am and sleeps by 9PM. everything in a disciplined manner.

It would appear that I am trying to harass men and women or comment on them. I am not at all interested in these activities. I am trying to let them see a better view and that dieting is not the right choice but exercise, to reduce fat and gain good fitness and posture.

There might be women and men who do all these but how many? Are you one among them? If then tell the youths to stop dieting and concentrate on exercise.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jabardast dinner with Baingan ki sabji and chapatti

I was feeling the eruption of volcano, high sea waves… mm.. In simple, I was feeling that I am sick. I went to a shop, purchased some dates and Badam with a hope that they would restore my health. I understand now, even fever does not fear a person with six-pack abs.

I decided to prepare something different from normal. A taste of the old “Baingan ka bhartha” by my mother, aroused the delicious taste buds to send messages to my brain and say, Abhi you must prepare something using baingan(Brinjal).

Baingan ki Sabji

I prepared 25 chapattis, and started eating. It tasted delicious as always….mm… ok, it tasted well. I started taking one after the other and was watching the movie fight club starring Brad Pitt (yes wohi… Anjelina jolie wala…). At last, I counted the remaining chapattis and found 5 were left. I kept them for the morning and came to write an article on the recipe.

So here it is, 5 ways to prepare and have baingan ki sabji.

Recipe for baingan ki sabji in 5 simple steps:

1. Cut some onions into small pieces, and some green chillies half from their head until toe.
2. Heat a pan with oil, put rai (kaduk in Malayalam and mustard seeds in English). Then fry the onions until they are brown. You can also add some salt so they are fried, fast.
3. Cut the brinjal(baingan) into 4 pieces. Apply a paste of salt, red chilly powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, pepper powder, and keep for 10 minutes.
4. After the onions are brown in colour add the brinjals and water and keep to cook. Also, add salt as needed.
5. Close with a lid for 20 minutes. Take the lid after the time says over and heat till water evaporates leaving perfect baingan ki sabji.

baingan recipe

5 ways to have baingan ki sabji.

These are very important steps so read carefully.

1. Switch on a TV or your laptop and get ready to watch a movie.
2. Jump two times on the floor, laugh loudly, and do a jogging for 5 minutes. You may think why this. These steps are to make your body understand that you are tired and need good food to eat.
3. Take a plate. Do not forget to wash it and take 5 chapattis and sufficient baingan ki sabji. Girls who want to maintain good figure for boys can take 3 chappattis.
4. Watch the movie…mm.. Now what take a piece of chapatti and mix with baingan ki sabji.
5. Next is the most important step. Eat it…

: ) Happy blogging

Caller tunes kum background music for your blogs

I have seen websites where music or an Audio could be heard in the background when the page is loaded. I thought why not to have it for a blog if it is possible.

I did a lot of research and finally embedded an audio that can be heard in the background when you load my blog in your web browser.

If you have a JRE(Java Runtime Environment) and a QuickTime or subsequent media player that supports online streaming or is set as your default player then you can hear music in the background of your blog.

I will like you to open my blog and see whether you could hear a sound in the background. I have placed a song from the movie Varranam Aayiram named “nenjukul peididhum”. It is one of my favorite songs.

If you do not have the sufficient plugins that enable online audio streaming then your web browser will prompt you to download one. If you are able to hear the voice from my blog and are interested to have one, please let me know so that I would post an article about making it possible for yours.

I do not know whether you people are aware about it. I though it would have no meaning writing about it if all know how to do it. It took me an hour to figure how to do it. However, the steps are quiet simple.

You will be able to let your visitors hear your favorite music as you do in your mobiles enabling a caller tune. You can call it a caller… sorry viewer tune for your blog.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Memories of mischievous days during engineering

I can never forget the tech learning sessions and the mischievous life during engineering that I could never bring back. I had enjoyed max in my engineering days, witnessed several cartoons, munna and pappu’s, tapri gangs, love, passion, hatred… all during the campus days.

I was an average student (please do not tell anyone) who came to study engineering surpassing the expectations of family members. My parents never thought I would be able to get an admission in the engineering after they saw my tenth results. I will write about that in details later which is also another funny story, may be I will name it “ the Abhilash ultimatum’.

I would like to mention some of the incidents during engineering that I could remember and that make me laugh.

- Class that made Micky and teacher learn English.

Micky was my classmate who was also a bit mischievous like me, the difference being he was always caught, and me never. I was the “kannil unni” (loved one) by my teachers.
I remember that was system programming class and we had a new lecturer who was poor in English. He had a neck like giraffe and legs and hands similar to Amitabh bacchan. While he was teaching, we were busy discussing about the new GTA game that was launched recently and how to cross a mission.
He saw Mickey speaking in the class and warned him to keep his mouth shut. Still after 5-6 warnings, he saw the same thing going and was too tensed and angry. While he was to say something the bell rang tring, and his words stuck in his mouth. His eagerness made him say a sentence while he was leaving the class, he bursted into anger and said “ Mickey, I will understand you”( in a bihari slang). His gestures conveyed the meaning and all were mum for 5 sec but busted laughing when the sentence clicked their mind. ha ha…

- Vinay’s never ending English confusion

Vinay was a studious boy but lacked English knowledge as he had his school days in marathi medium. We went for a tech fiesta event in another college and we were sitting facing the people who were speaking and debating on a topic. The first boy spoke “my forefathers never witnessed it before”.
I saw Vinay was busy thinking. I asked what happened Vinay. He replied asking another question. “Abhilash how can a person have 4 fathers”. Ha ha….

He had another doubt, which is not related to English. He asks “ If we go by train and enter toilet for daily activities then all our waste stuff goes below on the railway tracks, Abhilash what if we travel by Plane. I would never go on my terrace and eat anything” :D He is now working in TCS Mumbai.

- Vrunda’s weekly chips party

Vrunda was a gujju girl who used to sit like us, in the backbenches and was the topper in the class. She used to bring chips filled in her bag and used to eat during lectures. She used to offer boys the same to support her in her eating schedule.
She will always pass comments at teachers and crack funny jokes to compete boys.

She used to sit in front of me in the exams and to a great surprise always had 1 mark more than me in the totals. I do not know what the magic was. We never had same marks in subjects but the final score had one mark always less than her.

I am not able to cover more in this single article. I will write about this later.
Good Night to all…

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Witnessing Athachamayam 2009, competitor to Athachamayam 2008

I was finally able to view the Athachamayam 2009 at Tripunithura. Yesterday we slept late and wake up at 9 AM in the morning. Rain god started showering liquid to greet the Athachamayam celebrations at 10 Am.
I thought this would result in a long greet and the Athachamayam will not happen. At 10.30, the rain stopped and I decided to move for the celebration. I was planning to take a bath and there comes a sound “tring tring” a phone call from Hanish, my friend in USA. I attended the phone and it went until 11 AM.

At 11.30 AM, I went to Tripunithura, kept my vehicle behind the stores in Statue Junction. I was able to see crowds gathering at the Junction to see Athachamayam. There were people on the statue, on Buildings, houses, balconies, road-edges, and in short everywhere.

I tried to move forward crossing the crowd but was unable to see the celebration clearly. I approached the route connecting statue junction to “Kirakke kotta”(East fort) and managed to find a position where I could see it clearly. I took my camera/ mobile phone from my pocket that flashed a light on pressing the button and captured the stills.

This year’s Athachamayam was more beautiful that the previous year. I saw children dancing in different dance forms, tableus and yes… Tripunithura’s girls. :D

I like thetableau with Jesus on cross, Soldiers and the hanuman’s tableau. There was a tableu with a person hanged by his neck. This tableau halted at the junction when the person hung was unable to get sufficient air. I think this is the difficult part for the people who act in these tableus.

There was “panthaya kozhi” a Malayalam movie on Asianet and we forget to go for chambakara boat race. So sad :(
This marks beginning to Onam and celebrations in Kerala.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

LUCK for 2009 upgraded to version

I think, things are changing. Luck has upgraded its version. I thought it does not support the old firmwares but this is something cool! My luck has upgraded to version

The great arts and crafts Artist Nithya who writes fourth sense samayal and Nits Arts and Craft has selected me for a prize. I am new to blogging and awards session so this is something interesting. Spreading Gifts and awards for the best people (oh…ok I agree I am not best) is a good idea to increase network and spread friendship.

Hope I would have received something in this manner from my teachers, and then my mother would be too happy. However, yes, finally I got it so ‘kal ho na ho” yeh aaj ho gaya.

Some people believe in Luck and wait for it to upgrade versions. They should understand the upgrades are applicable if you have an internet connection (if you have a smooth career edge) or you transfer it through USB (try to work and achieve it through transferring ideas into implementations).

Blogging is a part of my life. I am not a good writer nor have any other aim besides exchanging ideas and information. I started life at Abhi with an Aim to record what I do and to know what I should do. I think I was able to avoid jargons and present ideas in the simple English.

I love my life and people around me. I believe life is to love, love and love. There is no differentiation for past, present or future of love. If you love your life, you will be able to love yourself and people around you.

Life is never stable and the one who face it during worst times will be the one to survive and let others survive. Elders give advise to younger to help them understand what their faults were and what they should avoid. The same theme follows my blog the difference being I am younger and elder in different scenario.

So Luck may be a factor not a necessity. Please do not wait for your luck to upgrade versions in your life. Try and let Luck search for you to provide updates.

(award by Nithya)

Following are the information requested by Nithya.

The Rules:

1. You should link with the person who has tagged you.
2. You must post the rules on your blog.
3. Share the secret ABCs by you.
4. You should tag four people at the end of your blog post.
5. Leave a comment on their blog and let them know they are tagged.
6. You should take care, not tag the same person repeatedly in order to increase network of bloggers achieving the awards.

The Tag:

I have written in for me.

1. A – Available/Single? I am always available to friends and single for women.

2. B – Best friend? Mayank, Hanish, Atul, Vikram, Akash, Samir, Prabhat, Don, Bishar, Shyla, Biga, Jk, Jinu, Vinay,….now Nithya.
Appa! The list goes too long so in general, All those who have a loving heart.

3. C – Cake or Pie? Cake

4. D – Drink of choice? Boost is the secret of Sachin’s energy, mine is mango juice

5. E – Essential item you use every day? Bike’s key, Bike of-course, Laptop, internet, PC, calculator, mobile, chappels and shoes, dress.

6. F – Favorite color? Red and Blue

7. G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Gummy bears, that was my favourite cartoon, which used to come on sony channel.

8. H – Hometown? Nagpur, Maharashtra

9. I – Indulgence? I think I should pass this question. If I answer all, they will think it is setting.

10. J – January or February? If only two options are there then January as it comes before February. I would like March if there was an option, as I was born on 12th March.

11. K – Kids & their names? Ajay, Akshay, Manikandhan, Appu. These are the kids surrounding me. The kids of my uncle and Aunt.

12. L – Life is incomplete without? Laughter, Happiness, friends and love.

13. M – Marriage date? God please give me the answer.

14. N – Number of siblings? Small sister, Anjali

15. O – Oranges or Apples? Oranges, aur kya… I am from orange city. What a question?

16. P – Phobias/Fears? I fear silence god and mother. The fear for God and Mother is another form of respect.

17. Q – Quote for today? “Understand what you are. Tell yourself nothing is impossible for you, not even mission impossible.” Super quote isn’t it? Enne samadikyanam.

18. R – Reason to smile? S has to travel long mile so keep smiling.

19. S – Season? Winter season, I get good sleep these days.

.20. T – Tag 3 People? Mayank- friendly, Hanish- Loving, Atul- Caring

21. U – Unknown fact about me? I am a very good person.

22. V – Vegetable you don't like? Bitter guard

23. W – Worst habit? Do I have. mm… no answer. I leave it for my friends.

24. X – X-rays you've had? One. You can read the story about it here.

25. Y – Your favorite food? “Gajar ka halva” made by my mother and yes everything my mother prepares.

26. Z – Zodiac sign? Pisces as per English calendar and Vruschikam as per Malayalam.

I am passing this tag and awards to Don, Roxy, Smitha and Vrinda

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hurray! Tripunithura Athachamayam 2009 on August 23

I was planning to visit my grandparents and changed my mind after Biga said, coming Sunday marks the beginning for the most awaited athachamayam. I decided to stay and watch it. Athachamayam is on 23 August 2009 in Tripunithura, marks the start for the 10 day Onam celebration.


Tripunithura was the capital city of old Cochin and a residence for Royal families. The king used to travel with his followers from Tripunithura until Trikkakara temple this day to participate in the Onam celebration. Tripunithura is reachable through Train, Bus, Car, and even my bike (so all modes of affordable transport facilities are supported).

I was a lucky person to witness the Attachamayam 2008 and now the luck comes again with an upgraded version of athachamayam 2009. If you are fed-up of the tableau you see during Independence Day, then you should try attachamayam.

Athachamayam has elephants, dance forms, drumbeats and the most important the never seen before, “Tripunithura girls”. :D

You can see many dance forms on this day. A few of them are listed below:

1. Theyyam
2. Pulikali
3. Pullaru kali (children dressed for fashion show)
4. Kummatikali
5. Thiruvathirakali (girls clapping hands and dancing like.. mm.. girls)
6. Kathakali
7. Karakattam
8. kavadi( the one shown in “velmuruka haro hara” song),
9. Mayilattom(people wearing dress like peacock and dancing)
10. Ammankudam(girls and boys holding pots one above the other) which will be a change to the normal schedule.

I remember it has been long since I visited Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple. I hope I will wake early on Sunday and go to the temple. I remember god came in my dream and said he will be interested to meet me. I think he has something special to offer me.

During previous Athachamayam celebrations, I saw film star Jayasurya who was sitting inside the temple chatting with boys. We took video together that was lost during my previous system format.

After the start of athachamayam there will be the never ending 10 day celebrations with Panchavadyam, kathakali programmes, my favourite karnatic music and kacheris, Chambakara boat race among some.
This weekend, I am gona rock!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ICICI to introduce kumbhakaran’s, the top hardworking people

I wonder why ICICI has a good will and name in the market, could anyone suggest a proper answer?

If you don’t know then I would like to clear your doubts. Every human should have sufficient sleep and food to work properly, provided sufficient is the word that is stressed the most. Sleeping beauties cannot create India neither discover America, they can only dream about them.

I was traveling by bike crossing each dragon motor vehicle in the traditional tom cruise way with an aim to reach my destination, the ICICI bank ATM to collect the cash. I parked my vehicle at a roadside and approached the ATM counter. While I was entering the ATM my eager eyes went to the close at hand security guard who was busy doing a difficult exercise, sleeping.

He had a determination in his closed eyes that were reflecting on the pedestrians and the ATM users. He was so busy in his work that he could not make out any noise or people chatting around. I hope ICICI sees everything when they say, they see twice in their name.

ha ha…A good amazement for the afternoon walkers and children who could see the kumbhakaran LIVE that was a miracle for them restricted to their Ramayana serials.
I will label this dedicated man as ICICI’s kumbhakaran.

The day is not far when ICICI employees will have to sit in their home doing “kumbhakaran seva”. This is due to lack of monitoring and allocation of staffs for different shifts continuously.

First impression is the final impression and final impression is the final conversion. So take care you never become kumbhakarans and spoil your future, work, and life.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Memories of a disaster in Kitchen before Independence Day

I was surfing the internet and having my food on August 14, 2009 ie. a day before the Indian independence day. The specials for my dinner were Chapattis and moong dal masala. I was alone in the room as my roommates went to their home for the weekend. I was not at all feeling lonely or bored as my companion, the internet was with me.

I was to call my US client between 2 AM to 2.30 AM Indian times because he was only available during this span in his office. I thought, sleeping and then getting up for a call wont work, I would have to wake until its 2 AM.

Indian Independence day and kitchen disasters

I finished my food and decided to have the extreme experience of 2 MBPS broadband on the laptop which had only witnessed data card speeds. It was 12.30 AM and I could see you tube moving like a bullet train without buffering any video that it did on my lap when data card was driving it.

I normally prepare the curry for dinner in excess to use in the morning and I thought to heat it, to be preserved. As the curry was already cooked, I pour some water and kept it on a small flame to show me the results of being ready through small bubbles.

I thought why not to leave it for a second and surf the internet while it is been ready. I was watching a song “Teri hain Zameen, tera aasmaan” from the movie the burning train and to my astonishment the room started filling with smoke. I jumped off my seat to see whether there was something wrong with the modem or its adapter. I could not figure anything wrong. I started tracing the source of the smoke and reached the kitchen. I could see the vessel kept for heating being blacked out and emitting smoke. Appa!... the whole curry went into disaster.

Burnt vessel

I opened all the doors and windows to help the smoke find new avenues. Oh... it was quite difficult to wash the vessel and at last, a plastic surgery was required to get it back with the original physical appearance.

I think the vessel decided to enjoy the Independence Day by showing signs of strike and rigorous protest in the form of burning curry (same as burning statues and dummies by human Protestants). Oh!... mm… Ok, I understand it is my mistake to turn the gas off and monitor it before switching to new ventures.

Therefore, the moral goes here “You should achieve perfection on your current work before being engaged on something else”. The same applies to human beings. It was easy to restore the vessel to its old state, but this will never work when you are on your professional assignment.

Now the only recipe left for me on August 15, our independence day will be Smitha’s, Golden And Delicious Sarkkarai Pongal. I will try it today. You can read the recipe from this link “Saffron Apron”.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ernakulam, Kerala is in storm through a rocky rock band

You might have seen many jazz, pops, and raps in your life but I am sure you would not have witnessed this rocky rock band. People in Ernakulam city and Cochin have gained their spirits and energy back after they watched this video.

You might be wondering which the video is and why people are interested in watching it.
Do not panic! I came home and was surfing the internet with my new broadband-unlimited plan. I was wondering what my download and upload speed are? I thought to check it, but how?

I decided, let me download something and try to upload anything. I was searching for the videos I could upload and to my great astonishment (mm... I know that no one will use this word “great astonishment”, you can add it as the word discovered by me) I found the old song sung by Bishar, Don, Jinu and Ashiq. Hey, do not forget me… I am capturing the video and singing in the background in a “dabba” voice.

This video is a scene from the rehearsal of our first Auditions at Ernakulam city. We were planning to have a song sung by our group for a celebration in our office, one and half year ago. We made great practices and preparation; printed lyrics arranged guitar and musical instruments.

Don is seen on the left, next Bishar, Jinu and Ashiq at the right side. We were ready to rock and shock the Cochin city with our vocal cords that were fitted with rapid mega boosters.

Hmm… but the lady luck was not with us, she was with Shahid kappor who promised to take her for a date. So all of us lost our confidence and when it was our chance I turned back to see my partners and Appa!; all were gone. I understood it was not time to think. It was time to decide and prove what I was. I made a commitment with myself; yes, I should do this at any cost.

Then I thought nothing and … and just started running as fast as I could from the hall till I could find my partners who were standing outside, drinking water ( a cold drink).

That was how the storm became silent.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reading exercises and advice, Is it for any better?

I was never a bookworm but I remember I read a big book of software engineering by Pressman in 7 days time, as it was necessary for my exams. I always used to study 10-15 days before start of the exam. I attended all the classes by the lecturers and then go through their notes and books before the exam, and if I guess, I used to get good marks too.

That was all about my book reading. People use to tell me to read the books, newspapers, journals, magazines, as they will increase my reading skills, GK, and English knowledge.
I do not know.

(photo of my engineering first year when students are busy studying and fed up with studies)

My mother reads many books and she never leaves any puzzles or riddles unanswered. She always use to tell me “Monu”(she call me by that name), read newspaper daily, solve puzzles, watch news rather than movies, but all a waste. She was never able to understand that reading books are like giving a tedious task to my mind that is not at all a healthy competition.

Do we really need books to increase our GK? Is Gk important to survive on earth? Is reading necessary? I do not have answers.

Mothers, they all have the same concern for their children and their life. They want them to be APJ Abdul kalam, Dhirubhai Ambani, Narayan murthi and Bill gates. They never understand that their children are somewhere different; might be they want themselves to be like Kiran bedi, Sunil shetty, Matt cutts etc. (Sunil shetty aa…. Is it over?)

Mothers…; Mothers... I love my mother a lot and used to keep these newspapers and magazines in front of me to satisfy her. Now your question and understanding both are right. What do I do with the newspapers and magazines in front of me? I used to creatively read the cartoons like phantom and asterix( that were the ones that appear in the newspaper called Hithwada and Indian express) and find the creativity behind the cartoonist who pictured them.

I was grown and so did my character (people say different, they say "Abhilash"! mature boss…), ha ha… That was all about me but I would like to have some good opinions from the readers that could make my views strong or make me understand where I am wrong.

So yes, what do you think? Is reading a necessity and what do you think we lack due to insufficient reading skills?

To be clearer, what do the youth miss due to lack of reading?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unlimited broadband plans – Asianet leader, Limited providers focus on fast response

Mahesh told me about the unlimited internet connection he uses at his home. He says,” I do not have to worry about the monthly bill that exceeds the amount I expect and worry about the usage; now I have my hands free and I can use them to fly me high”. He uses Asianet broadband connection with an unlimited plan. He suggested me to use it for surfing and downloading useful software’s and songs.

I use reliance data card in my laptop and that provide me sufficient speed to surf and blog. I do not use the data card for downloading as it has a max limit of 2 GB and the downloading speed I could get is 18kbps. Therefore, I decided to have a broadband unlimited plan.

Since Mahesh suggested me to the broadband connection from Asianet, I registered a request in their website. The response was too fast. A person from Asianet called me the same day and said he will meet me. He registered the request got my sign and sent a technician to get the connection at my end the next day. It was too fast.

When the technician came to my home, he found that they had lines limited in the location and he will have to pull new wires inorder to give me a connection that will cost more to him. Therefore, I had to drop with Asianet.

I approached Airtel(my mobile service provider), reliance and tata indicom for unlimited plans. Airtel and reliance were late but called me to collect the response 4 days later. From then I never got any call from them. Tata indicom being the turtle, who is no winner in the turtle-rabbit race never give me a call.

I am sad Asianet does not have a connection in my Area but they are fast at response and I like their way of quickly approaching a client and making him understand that Aisanet is not too far to approach and help them. They have even better plans as compared to other providers.

You can get details about different broadband plans available in India from here.
Asianet, Airtel, Reliance, tata indicom.

I did not go for BSNL as Mahesh says he had a bitter experience with them and they are too lazy to work than to disturb customers. I think it is time for a reconsideration saying that no service provider could claim complete coverage in terrains and rural areas, if they do not have a coverage and fast response in kerala’s biggest cities like Ernakulam.

Conclusion would be if Asianet has a good mentor, they could reach good heights than the others far in their competition as they have good will, at least from me. The others need to change their marketing strategy if they plan to be the market leaders for years.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Undan pori - The father of unni appam, Ernakulam special

Did you know the recipe for undanpori? Did you hear about it?

My vehicle stops often in front of a tattu kada named Mohan’s tattu kada to have the breakfast. Mohan is 50-year-old man running a small store selling tea, cigarettes, food items like suhiyan, pattiri, korakatta, urunnu vada, undan pori and parippu vada( these are south Indian dishes) inside a market lane in Tripunithura.

Undan pori is my favorite break fast selection. “Undan pori”, I have heard this name only in Ernakulam. It tastes similar to unni appam but big in size and therefore I call it the father of unni appam. Undan pori is a round big appam made of wheat and jaggery. It is brown in colour and tastes crisp and delicious with tea or coffee. I prefer hot milk with undan pori in mohan’s tattu kada.

undan pori

Try having an undan pori and milk in the morning, I can assure you a refreshing day.
I tried to get the recipe from Mohan but he says he get this prepared from a swami, a Brahmin in the area who gets a portion of the profit for the ones been sold.
I managed somehow to figure out the recipe after insisting mohan.

Recipe for undan pori, the father of unni appam:


1. Banana (malayalees can use a valanthoram pazham) - 1
2. Jaggery or Sugar – 150 gm
3. Wheat powder (aata) - 100g
4. Cardamom Powder – as per your requirements. I will say use 1/3 of spoon
5. Soda - a pinch
6. Coconut – cut into small pieces
7. Ghee


1. Fry the coconut pieces in Ghee and keep it aside to cool.
2. Boil water with jaggery until it is tight and brown. You can use sugar-replacing jaggery.
3. Mix all the items listed above including jaggery and fried coconut and keep it for 5 minutes.
4. Heat the oil in a pan. Make small rounds and fry them in oil. You can use an unni appam chatti for this too. The ratio should be big than unni appam.
5. Hey! Undan pori is ready. Enjoy!

Try preparing undan pori and let me know your output. I hope this is a new dish for most of the starters and they can try working on it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fed up with the damn life - Escape to the jungles

Today was a very bad day for me. I was not able to work properly in the office neither I was able to behave properly in front of my friends and colleagues. This happens to me when I have to do something I never like to or when something I have planned goes wrong.

I was always adjusting for others but now I am fed up. I think I should take a long rest and go to a far place unreachable by anyone where I could spend the time and forget all the problems. Will that be escapism? I do not know but I will have to do something.

actor murali

I have nothing to be written today; neither had I done anything good to be shared with all. I went to hotel rajadhani at 10 PM after waiting for clouds to have their water dry. I had a parota and peas masala.

While I was in the hotel watching the television, I witnessed the bad news about actor Murali. Murali died today. He was my favorite actor; I have seen many of his films, amaram being my best. He has reality in his acting and the way of speech. May the actor live long in our heart?

Cat's bathing desire ends in Ernakulam well cleaning yatnam

I am remembering the old funny events.

Do cats bath in swimming pools? I do not know about swimming pools but they do like to swim in wells. We had to conduct a well cleaning yatnam(pooja or effort) at Ernakulam after one cat feel in our well and died.

People in north India believe they should donate a cat made of gold to the temple if they accidentally kill it since they consider cat as brahma raksas. We were not in north so had no plans to invest making a cat of gold. It died by its own, but the water needs to be cleaned for further usage.

We decided to have the yatnam completed, but someone needs to take the initiative to clean the well. The well was deep and full with water. We managed somehow to get the cat out with the help of Chinnu and Chandu, the children of our neighbors. However, there remains the question, how to clean the well for further usage?

Using our creative minds and magical powers, we joined our rings and there comes the captain planet; :) possible only in cartoons.

Finally, we decided to do by ourselves. We pulled maximum water out through the buckets that was in the reach of our hands. Then Jinu got inside the well and passed the bucket. When he was, one-step inside I went into the well. The chain continued with Jinu at the bottom, followed by me, Bishar, and Jk. Biga stood at the top receiving the buckets and throwing the water outside.

We passed buckets to the other person one-step above us and this continued until we had the well empty. Finally, I used some bleaching powder and chemicals to clean the layer at the bottom of the well.

All the neighbors were astonished to see the team effort. We realize the importance of cats from the day and never entertain them to enter the campus.

However, I think I could have avoided gym if a cat planned to bath in our well every week. Kidding :D

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Missing second Rakhi – Gen X courier Rakshabandhan, “coramowi”

It is the second time I am missing Rakshabandhan. Cochin is not busy due to rakshabandhan, neither are the girls running in vaitilla to purchase rakhi for their brothers. It is all for the favorite game, “job”. Malayalees would say why to celebrate a festival to make your sister or brother realize you care for them. It might be correct up to some extent until north Indians ask; will maveli come for the onam? then why to celebrate it. Let us make every day an onam… There are no answers for such question. It depends upon what we believe and how we celebrate.

It is an important festival among the north Indians where the sister tie rakhi on the wrist of her brother. It symbolizes relationship, love, and belief between brother and sister. Today girls in north India are busy buying rakhi’s for gathering the money collected in exchange to the rakhi they tie on 5th August 2009.

If we look at it from the other view…mm … say the right angle view, we will feel there should be some festivals, and celebrations that unite the family members and let them share the feelings and joy within their busy schedule.

I missed my second rakhi. Most of the people who come to other states or go to other countries to earn their revenue and buy their bread would face the same problems. The generation X has discovered a new solution to this problem. They call it “coramowi”, COurier, RAkhi, MObile, WIshes. Sisters send rakhi to their brothers through courier and use mobiles to send wishes.

Technology has also enabled coramowi followers (sisters and brothers) to have live chat through internet with a web cam and a headphone wishing and celebrating LIVE. Whatever be the buggy business, I miss my sister and family. I hope will have all the celebrations on a single day when I meet them.

Advance Rakshabandhan wishes to all.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Are you ashamed to be a malayalee?

I was at home and my uncle needs me to write CD of sree lalita sahasranaamam. He said he has promised the temple authorities that he would be giving them the CD. I took a replica of the original CD and gave it to my uncle. He said me to have the name written on it in Malayalam. I have never studied in Malayalam nor have attended any Malayalam schools, but I could remember the wordings thought by my mother during the summer vacations from school. I used to read small stories and was able to recognize Malayalam bus and movie boards that helped me a lot after my stay at kerala.

Therefore, this was my first CD work in Malayalam. :D

importance of malayalam

I often came with a question speaking with some malayalees who have been shifted to north India; why do you feel ashamed speaking in Malayalam or are you ashamed to be a malayalee? You may wonder why I came with such a question.

I know many north Indian malayalees who feel ashamed speaking in Malayalam to their children in front of the north Indians. I am proud to say that my Indian Marathi speakers always feel proud at using Marathi wherever they go. If you notice with a mind of a discoverer, you will find that the ratio in percentage of non-kerala Malayalam speakers versus kerala Marathi speakers is 40%:90%.

Malayalees have a good native place and language to be proud. Is it that we do not understand what we owe? To be frank I was born and brought up in North India but I love the place here. If it is called gods own country then its true.

I would like to narrate an incident that I witnessed once. There were two malayalees and a north Indian woman speaking in a group. A child passed by, and asked mother in Malayalam that he needs water. The proud malayalee replied the child in hindi pointing the vessel he should get it from. Later she scolded him for speaking in Malayalam. This shows how respect we have for our mother tongue. Even a mother is not ready to have a child accept malayalam language…or do we have an inferiority complex? Think yourself.

You will be astonished to hear that the young generation cannot speak in Malayalam and the children of north Indian malayalees(properly spelt as inferiorly compelled malayalees) only have the extra capability to write and speak in languages other than Malayalam and they are happy for doing that.

Hey! It is time to understand where you are wrong. You cannot escape your predecessors, neither your culture. Recognize them and understand their importance. It is not late. Therefore, be a "MALAYALEE" and grow your children as MALAYALEES speaking malayalam language.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A weekend at Thamarakulam - my mother's home

I am with my grandparents today. This place is in the interior of Alleppy district, 18 kilometers from Kayamkulam town known by the name Thamarakulam(Pool of Lotus). I will refer this place as Greenland; green trees, beautiful flowers, and Rivers surround it.
It is a nice place to spend weekends; better and far from the busy, traffic-oriented towns, where people use oxygen cylinders and still lack fresh air.

It was like a treasure of gold that appeared in front of me after my grandmother called me for the lunch. The treasure had red-rice, Pappaddam(pappad), theeyal, vazha koombu tooran( thoran prepared from the flowery-part attached to the banana plant which is later converted to banana through natural process), fish( fried and curry), mooru curry( prepared from curd). It was a nice, mouth-watery, and delicious lunch.
I enjoyed it after a long period.

There was no rain this day and I went outside to view the surroundings. There were few worms too big the size of a toffee (atta in Malayalam). This was also something new to me. As my normal habit, I took few pictures of them. My grandmother was shouting at me for holding them by hand. :D

After lunch I had a custard apple (seetafal) and passion fruit (My grandmother calls it by that name). Passion fruit was new to me; she cut it with knife and put some sugar to taste. I ate it with a spoon and it was awesome. Seetafal or custard apple was the one I get at Nagpur so there was nothing new.

Later I went to my Aunts house and met the children there. The small one Akshay was busy playing pebbles. It was nice watching him playing them.

Today was a nice day. I plan to visit my father’s house next week.

Friendship day, now restricted to mobile phones

This place has limited network range for mobile phones, hmm… which place? I am at my mother’s house, the house where she was born and spent her life until she was been married by my father and taken to Nagpur. I am relieved from the rings my mobile phone uses to give me after each 15minutes. I could experience mild air touching my skin and the same is the experience my mobile phone has; the only difference being network and wind.

Airtel has network with a single stick seen on the screen when I am with it in the right corner of the inner room. N70, my mobile was in search of the network and after it could find one it jumped to catch it and gave me a SMS tone, twetwe… twetwe…

I checked it and discovered two messages from Akky and Sajith. Both were on friendship wishing friendship day. I was then able to make that today is a friendship day. I “googled” to find whether the message has some reality. Now friendship day is restricted to mobile phones.

I could remember the previous message by one of my friends that had contents describing a bomb blast in Cochin. I was furious to know about it, called many people, and understand later it was a fake one to arouse anxiety. Google return the message explaining the details of the day called friendship day.

Google say, “Friendship day is celebrated every year, on the first Sunday of August. “. Today being the first Sunday is thus the friendship day. I passed on thank giving notes for the messages and passed over friendship day messages to others.
Oh! Here comes Jk’s message on friendship day. “Thanks Jk”.

I could remember again, hey! What is wrong in remembering the things… so do not say I remember too much. :D
Ok so I could remember again the friendship day we used to have during our college days. There was a band we used to tie on the hands of our friends; the so-called friendship band. All used to purchase these bands and it was a hand full of these on friendship day. In addition, it was not possible to take them out even if it looks awkward, as the friend whose band you would remove will think he is inferior to the others or you do not give importance to your friends.

It is nice to have those memories back again.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Abhi Bhai – The racer is back on the roads

I was working in the office when my uncle called and asked whether I was going to meet my grandparents. I had planned to go there and meet them but when I thought about the train, distance, and rush, I decided not to go. I used to go earlier by bike but my doctor instructed me not to ride bike on highways and stop it for 2-3 months due to the tendency of repeated infection in my lungs. I used to ride too fast like a racer and the air circulation, dust, and pressure caused severe problems affecting my health.

(My bike)

After a couple of probability studies, I decided to go by bike. Yes, the racer is back on the roads. I called my manager and asked for permission to leave early, started my byke, and flew to meet Grandparents. They live in Kayankulam, 140 Km far from Ernakulam.

After I crossed the toll in Cochin, it stated raining and I had to take shelter below the roof of a shop. Soon it stopped and I continued traveling.

(Beneath a roof watching rain to stop)

While I was crossing Chertala( the location after Ernakulam) I saw a group of children in a auto rickshaw . They were sitting at the back of the rickshaw singing songs and enjoying the travel. I took the mobile from my left pocket and too a photograph of there happy moments. I could remember my school days when I used to travel in a similar manner enjoying the gang.

(Children enjoying rickshaw ride)

When I reached Alleppy I saw a group of people promoting KSFE on bikes. KSFE is a chit fund that provides money to its customers on a lucky draw basis. I waited for a moment on Alleppy Bridge to take rest and have a look at the scenery. After waiting there for 5 minutes, I continued to ride until I reach home.

(KSFE staff for promotions)

I reached the place where my grandparents stay and could see my grandfather there. He informed that grandmother went to the temple. I was hungry and was happy to discover the Fish curry and peas thoran that she had prepared.

Then what? I ate it and now blogging…
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