Friday, July 31, 2009

Friendship and heart a compromise

I am off working 10-12 hours a day, the max I am doing other than going to office is eating food and sleeping. This was not my life 1 year ago. When I speak about that time, I should not forget my friends Don, Bishar, and Shamnad and the photograph that is still there in the house.

(Leftmost is Bishar, Next Shamnad, me and Don at the right)

There is a photograph seen on the top left corner of my room with me and the other three. This we took when we lived together, enjoying the life, playing cricket, singing songs, traveling, trekking etc. Now things are not the same, all we have is work and only work. I love my work and love is heart but friendship is also an important part of life. So it is a compromise between friendship and heart.
We have traveled almost entire Kerala together; from Trivandrum to Vayanad. We used to have trips each week and movies every one or the other day.

I still remember our cricket tournament that was the first time we appeared and celebrated as a mega event. Bishar was the captain of the team; I had some minor injuries and could not play. We won the toss and selected bowling. The team opposite to us started striking four’s and sixes beating our bowlers like small children. Our batsman and captain Bishar said to be calm and watch the total match, he added that the pitch was a batting pitch and we will beat the opponents the same way they did to us.

The next was our turn and we lost 1 wicket at the first ball. We were still waiting for other strikers to shine. Within no time, all were back from the pitch with their heads down. The same day Bishar took an oath that, he will never play a cricket tournament again in his life. ha ha… I am still able to laugh when I remember those times. Bishar is now working in Dubai.

Shamnad was the candy boy who was always after girls and busy on mobile. He was the most immature among us. He too went to dubai and they both are working together. We had friendship with many girls who came through Shamnad’s introduction into the team. When I speak about girls I should mention the incident at Vega land. There was a group of three girls who came to visit veega land( cochin’s water park). Shamnad was after them from the start, and later left them when they were not noticing him. When we were beneath a fountain, he saw the girls who were disturbed by a group of boys. Bishar was a 6 feet 2 inch boy with a good physique and Shamnad insisted him to involve in the issue.

Bishar had the boys leave the girls alone and they joined our team till the end of veega land. They used to call until shamnad was there. One of the girls even called Don and me for her marriage. They also left with a short time after Shamnad left.

Don left later after he joined Journalism classes at Trivandrum with a part time job at Kerala tourism. He calls me often to know how I am and is there any news from the other two.

Don was a separate character; I used to call him Don bhai and treat the same as he always pretend like a big brother. He never scolds me even if I made a big mistake. Don was one of the toppers of his time and used to read a big novel in a day. I have seen him sitting in a closed room with a novel and he will only come out after he had read the entire novel.

Time is a fast runner that never stops and never returns. I wish I could bring those days back and enjoy life as before.

Recipe for Valiyettan pazham pori - BLD Banana Roast

Ok as promised I went to Royal bakery and had a valiyettan param pori, the baap of param pori’s. I spoke to Gundu mani and had him dictate the recipe to prepare it. BLD stands for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

I am back home and I have Mtv “switched on” behind me that has the Scooty team diva been shown. I can see some girls in awkward attire trying to get into a tub with worms. They appear like the character played by Shabana Azmi in film “makadi”. Cooool, cool should be the place otherwise how can Mtv diva stand with such a styled hair, uwaaaak? I should appreciate them for the outstanding performance they show with wet eyes and instant dhamaka dialogues. How can people withstand these masala scoops?

valiyettan pazham pori

I prepared the dough for chapatti and kept it to be there for 15 minutes until I have this post on the blogger. If you keep the dough for 15 minutes and prepare the chapattis, you could notice the output being soft.

Recipe for Valiyettan pazham pori or BLD banana roast:

Dictated by: Gundu Mani


Banana 1( prefer big one if you plan for BLD)
Maida 1/2 cup
Rice powder 3 tsp
Sugar 1 tsp
Salt a pinch
Turmeric a pinch
Oil for frying
2 cups poha(beaten rice)

Coconut grinded( use a “chirava”(hand operated tool to extract coconut mesh). This could act as a good exercise to your fingers

banana roast


1. You need to make smooth batter with maida, rice powder, salt, sugar, turmeric and little water. The batter should not be more watery and avoid it will become Param aviyal.
2. Put the beaten rice in a bowl and boil pieces of jaggery in a vessel till they are quiet smooth and brownish in colour. When the jaggery is ready mix the beaten rice and have them served to separate plate.
3. Mix the babana into the batter until it is partially covered. Make sure you do not cut the banana into half. Keep it for 2 minutes to have batter stick the banana. Mix it with the served jaggery and beaten rice and have it again rolled in batter.
4. Heat oil in a pan and place batter filled banana on the pan and fry the batter-filled portion. Fry it until the stuff becomes yellow-brown.
5. What are you waiting for? Take it out and eat it.

That is the secret behind the valiyettan pazham pori, your ultimate solution to Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Oh! I have to go and prepare the chapattis. Oh! Again, since the Mtv diva is not still over. Guash, Ria is selected to be with tanya. Who are Tanya and Ria?
I think I should change to V channel.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Gundu mani", An asset to Royal bakery

I am alone in the room staring at the walls and watching film Tirupathy. Ajith has done a drastic role in this film, I feel like crying. He is in the movie with a new fashion style, belt across waist, leg, and collar of his shirt. Seems he is for a promotion of belt manufacturers.

While I was thinking about the old things, the scene a day before yesterday came to my mind. We; Jk, me and Biga were in the Royal bakery to have lime juice, that was later changed to ice cream with shake, mango ice-cream and mango juice after going through the menu. We decided to have limejuice and it last with … ha ha… This is not the first time we have changed our menu.

When I speak about Royal bakery, I should not forget the main character, Gundu mani the hero of our story. Gundu mani is the person who provides baked eatables that are closed within glass sealed containers to the customers. I do not know his real name but I call him by the name gundu mani( chubby chick dimpled chin boy). He is always greeting people with his smile and broken Malayalam or to say better kanamalam(mix of kannada and Malayalam).

(hey! this is me, not gundu mani; dont confuse)

You will understand only some of his words but the dumble dore boy will entertain you till you have your food down your stomach. I like the way he speaks and walk, he is like a …mm... How can I compare him? He is like a payar within Suhiyan.

I like to have the double ducker Banana roast (Valiyettan Param pori) from Royal bakery which is a single BLD dish (Breakfast Lunch Dinner dish- that can serve the purpose of having food at three times a day). I will ask gundu mani about the prepration and publish it in the next post.

Oh! Nice to see that it is 11 PM. Time to sleep.
Will be back tomorrow with Valiyettan param pori.

Umbrella wallet and comment that activated my creative mind

This post is after receiving acknowledgement by Nits Arts and Crafts to my idea of upgrading their paper wallet using an umbrella and overcome the disadvantage of being wet in the rains. Using the creative capacity, hidden deep inside me… I was able to make this cost effective and valuable wallet.

Nits gave a comment on my post “Ernakulam police searching for harry potter” to have a wallet prepared using umbrella; that was a result of sanctioning my suggestion to have her invention “upgraded”.

I have a habit to work on something creative like this and to have everything real, that I plan. Once planned I have it done. It was a very difficult process to have the same done.

Like my normal blog posts, five steps to prepare an umbrella wallet:

Things you will need:

1. Your friend’s umbrella (Note: You should make sure you use it for such an experiment while he is out of town).
2. One piece of white paper (I prefer A4 size white paper).
3. Fevicol or gum.
4. Sissors and scale.

Steps to prepare:

1. Cut the paper in such a scientific way that you can accommodate your ATM cards and visiting cards.
2. Cut the inner portion and have the paper bend in a way shown in the image.
3. Paste the outer open edges. Then cut the umbrella (You can use fresh popy umbrellas for better performance) to cover the outer portion of the wallet and the inner strips that appear in the image.
4. Paste the umbrella strips to your wallets inner portion, and outer areas using the fevicol or gum( Fevicol is what I prefer, because “ Fevicol ka mazboot jod hain tootenga nahi) Have a gap between the umbrella strip at the outside and the inner paper so that you can place your 100 and 500 rupees note.
5. Place your visiting cards and money and try it.

I hope this would sell better in the market, and you could create around 20-35 wallets using an umbrella.

Super idea, until my friend is back to town after his meeting.

It is time for dinner, and there is movie tirupathy on channel one.
Will be back with next post.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5 simple ways to have a Grilled Chicken

Jk and Biga left Cochin for Bangalore to attend a meeting with Microsoft team.Iam alone in the room with blogger in front of me.

Yesterday we were a little late to leave office. We went to Royal bakery, had Juice and ice cream, where we discussed to have grilled chicken and taste it with chappaties. We asked the rate for grilled chicken and the waiter replied 180 rupees for full chicken and 100 rupees for half chicken. We decided to have it tomorrow at any cost.

However, later Jk recall the meeting he needs to attend at Bangalore. It was not possible to have grilled chicken today as discussed. I was too sad but as always, I am the one to find new ways. That was the time I discovered 5 simple ways to have a grilled chicken.

Here are my 5 simple ways to have a grilled chicken:

1. Make your Bike ready and have your sweet legs cross the seat to fit the part below the spinal cord on the seat.
2. Like Brad Pitt riding a horse in Troy, start your bike and ride to the nearest bakery, ours nearby is Royal bakery. Royal bakery has branches across Ernakulam.
3. Rush to the counter of the bakery and tell him to pack a grilled chicken (half- as it is cheap and fine for one-man show). Give him 100 rupees (differs in different places) and get back to the bike with the parcel.
4. Buy a Pillsbury aata and get ready to prepare chapatti in a chapatti maker( I prefer a chapatti maker to prepare it, “no rona dhona and khana taiyaar”).
5. Arrange the items with decorations around a plate and have the chicken in your own way. I had “Aam ka achar”(pickles) with chapatti as a side dish.

Howz that?

These were the 5 steps I could discover to have a grilled chicken. This creative idea came in my mind, as this is the 4th day since our gas cylinder went to strike and we could not replace it.

The images and decorations are presented by the one and only , "ME". They are not as professional in Ria's collections but they have a natural look of a ingenious chef with creative stories. I will have a article coming after this on my Bike and Royal bakery. They have great stories to tell.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ernakulam Police searching for harry potter

Ernakulam police is always one-step ahead than others. They are now in search of Harry potter. Harry potter and the half blood prince was house full in the balconies prior to counter booking. I did not get a ticket for the same in Shehnoys even after 1 week of its release. Harry potter actor Daniel Radcliff, Hermione granger, and Ron weasley have captured the minds of all the children in Europe and Asia.

I think Ernakulam police has decided to have a new star from Kerala who could act in the new Malayalam version of Harry potter and the half blood prince that could be called “Harry potterum ara raktamulla rajakumaranum”.

Biga ravindranath babu

You might wonder why I am writing about Ernakulam police and Harry potter. Do they have any relation?

This story came in my mind after todays incident that happened with Biga. Police caught Biga at Ernakulam since he was not wearing a helmet. Biga was afraid and thought he would have his 100 Rupees donated to kerala government today. The traffic police came in front of him and took a mobile camera. He took several shots with Biga focusing different angles.

Harry potter biga

We thought Biga has become a star. May be he is the one planned by police department to act in their new Malayalam version of Harry potter and the half blood prince. They took shots from several angles and asked Biga for his address and phone number. Confirmed; he is the star or the one chosen for the auditions.

It was understood later that police has a latest style of taking photographs as a proof to their claim of a so-called “petty”, fine or “chalaan”.

Chammi poye…

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cochin Fashion version, street 3.0 destroying youths

Cochin fashion version, street 3.0 is destroying the youths. Jeans is comfortable than trousers and people prefer to wear it during professional and casual meetings. Jeans giants like Levis Strauss and trigger were and are a passion among the young and the old.

India has witnessed severe fashion changes and Cochin is always first among the others to follow it. I hope I am the first to see, capture and picturise the new fashion at Cochin; street version 3.1.5, an upgrade to its Predecessor; street 3.0.
You can read more about street 3.0 from my earlier article “The Levis strauss style- Jockey acquired Levis in Ernakulam”.

fashion cochin, street 3.1.5

The gas cylinder went for strike and we decided to eat from a restaurant. I had my lunch and while crossing the road to reach the bike I saw an interesting incident. Like phantom reaching for his revolver, I took my mobile Nokia N70 and captured it as my picture.

youth jeans new fashion

This is a fashion seen latest. I have seen the same used by girls; my sister call it chudidaar kurta. You can see the same shrinked, tight effects in the jeans at the bottom used by these boys.

chudidaar jeans

It was not new for me, but when I saw the same jeans has a capability to replace your bag then it becomes interesting. There were four boys and all wearing the same street 3.1.5, among them one was trying to push a register into his jeans and that was the one that made me take a picture.

jeans used as a bag

I clicked the camera button and the boy turned up staring at me. He understood I shot a photograph with them adjusting their back seats. There came an inner voice “take your bike and leave the place”. I left that place with the pictures captured within my camera.

I am not to comment on these styles but I think one should wear the dress that best matches his body and his behavior. Try to adopt western culture where needed and avoid where unnecessary.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taste buds activated with Aaloo ka paratha at mammas

Avinash is a boy from North India who likes Kerala, people, food but still find it difficult to adjust. He says his taste buds almost upgraded to version 5.0, kerala recipes but would like to taste the old version of North India the "aloo ka paratha".He was unable to find any hotels in Ernakulam with the taste of North India.

Yesterday my gas cylinder decided to strike (gas khatam ho gaya), so I planned to eat outside. Like a flash of light Aloo ka paratha came in my mind and so did Avinash. I called him and asked him to be ready by 8 Pm. I picked him from his office by 8.30 Pm and we moved to Mammas restaurant Ernakulam.

I still remember when we made a mistake last time (me, jk, Biga and jinu) entering the bar besides mammas restaurant. The bar is also a part of Mammas and I can see a lot of professional and rich fishes (meen, one who is always in alcohol) and lotus (tamara, one who is always active but above water level) there. Jk said we could move to the AC cabin, as we are not planning to have any alcoholic drinks.

Once when jk and I visited the same place before, the waiter said us to be in AC and it will not be charged extra. Jk with the same things in mind insisted us to be in the AC and we were surprised to see the final bill charged for AC too.

We later discovered that mammas have a Restaurant in front of the BAR. This is the one having entrance and exit directly from the road.

Ok, so Avinash and I ordered Aaloo ka paratha and Paneer mutter masala. It was nice uninstalling the new version from kerala to test the old one. I also ate it after a long span of time. My mother cooks aaloo ka paratha, and that is the delicious I have ever had in my life. I prefer curd with aloo ka paratha. I think it is good combination.

Finally, I dropped Avinash and came to room... My internet explorer 8 was giving me problems on laptop. I uninstalled it and forget to see that some changes made my data card not being detected by my laptop. I could not browse the net the same day. I had it repaired this day after getting CD with drivers from Biga...

Oh! It is 1.30 PM now. I have to go and have my food from outside. Here in tripunithura the same kari dishes... no kuttan... I think I will have to continue this until I have my Gas stop the strike.

German insistency to shoot kerala's celebrity images, prithhviraj sukumaran...naa

Shooting celebrity images or getting them in hand is not a big task, Just type the name of the celebrity in google and you have them before you. It is difficult when you have to shoot your images and it came as a problem to me when my German client said, he need to see my photographs. He says he needs to see with whom he is working since years. He was the first one to start and gave me glimpse of his photographs. They were clear and shot with a camera not less than 8 Mega pixels.

Now it was a big question for me to see if I have some of my pictures that I could show him. All that I have were from the tours, the ones shot at different locations in Cochin and Maharashtra, and they were with my friends. I have no photo with me alone... mm... Therefore, I decided to shoot some of them.

Abhilash pillai celebrities

I gave the job of the photo shoot to Biga. He took the N 73 and shot some pictures in the night. They are not so clear and not at all satisfactory for me. Now I am in the confusion whether to have something shot by a professional photographer or to send the client some photos that are available on internet may be Prithviraj Sukumaran. How will the client know whether it is a celebrity in Kerala? However, is it fine...? NAA! Cheating.

Abhi posing for Bigas photoshoot

Haaaa, ha ... I searched across many photos and at last decided to show him the ones I shot in a conference at Hyderabad. I think I should subscribe to some model watch magazines or publications to have some tips on photo shoot for future clients...kidding!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eating cockroaches as breakfast in cochin

All try different recipie for their breakfast including puttu, upmavu, dosha, idli, puri, chappatti, paratha, parota etc. but imagine it would be disgusting if you have ever tried a cockroach as breakfast. I was the one to witness it today in cochin.

cockroach eaters

We prepared puri as a change to our normal breakfast routine. I set the alarm and got up at 7.30 in the morning, made the dough and Jk fried the puri. I had the onion cut at the same time. I cooked the chana in the cooker and made the masala for the chana ready. After that I mixed the chana in the masala and kept it to cook on low flame. I went to have my bath. Jk started eating the things prepared. After having half of the food he discovered a cockroach egg in the chana. Cockroach egg or the fried puri's burnt part is not yet revealed.

As soon as he saw the black item he started screaming and shouting. He came to me and started to prove that it is a cockroach egg. But he had it half eaten till he could have discovered it. It appeared to me as a small boy who has discovered something auspecious and wants to prove his discovery.

By the time Biga came out and had his share of puri. Today he ate more than what he does daily. Ha Ha.. this was without knowing the stuff being discovered in the food. Later when he came to know he mentioned as if he already knew there was some change in taste of food due to it.

cockroach egg
(Since all need to see a cockroach egg, here it is)

I am not still able to beleive that it was a cockroach egg. But we are under investigation and I am personally planning to call seturam iyer CBI to investigate the case.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Reflecting ideas through kitchen and recipes

I am always there to test new recipes in my kitchen. I try doing things by own. Most of the recipes that I try or most I cook daily are not in the way others do. They taste better for me and hope for others, since they eat it without hesitation. I started this blog just to have something recorded about myself, but I could see a lot of talents blogging ideas through the World Wide Web. They are into cooking, photography and all the activities they do or skills they possess.

Blog Rias collection

I went across a blog a few days before while serching for some recipe. It is a blog called Ria's collection. I was reading a new recipe which she mentioned as kothu parota. I had something similar before so it was not the speciality that cought my attention.

kothu parota

I could see a lot of recipies by her with images that were really attractive. They are arranged with a different style, as if focussing the recipe from different angles for a viewer. I understand it is necessary for a reader searching for recipe to have the ingredients and methods detailed, but it also adds an extra asset to your recipe blog if you have something picturising its output.

I can see young talents around me, I feel how creative they are at approaching things. They have their own style of writing and even picturising. Blogging would go long if I see something around me like this.

Advertisement by Kavya madhavan for Bhima jewellery in her Marriage Album

One of my friend sent me a mail this morning. It had the pictures from the Wedding Album of Kavya madhavan. I know she is a film actress and she pose for many advertisements. She is seen on the front page of magazines and product packages. But it is awkward if you have an advertisement in your wedding album. May be correct or incorrect, the picture from the Album signify the same.

Bheema Jewellery Kavya Madhavan

The photo above is from the Album of Kavya madhavan which I received through e-mail.
Also you might have heard, she is going to have a divorce with her husband. Channels are celebrating it with interviews of people commenting on her marriage and divorce.

Kavya Madhavan and her husband

Atleast Bhima jewellery has a good scope to shine in this lime light and all would be interested to see Kavya madhavan's wedding Album. Kavya Madhavan and her marriage problems will be a long spoken issues on the streets and news columns.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Experience satisfaction through Art of sharing, version 5.0

I remember; my mother always used to say to share and do things. When we were small; my sister and me, we always quarreled for the baked items, chips, mithais, fried snacks, almost everything. There was a competition among us to find the one having the maximum. It was not an effort to eat and satisfy ones own stomach, neither it was that we did not have anything to eat. The only aim behind it was to prove that one among us is a leader.

Art of Sharing

When we grew, we became more matured... mm... I believe so, OK. Yes, so after we matured our taste for food changed and we use to have the food items shared. My sister likes salty and me sweet so whenever we have an eatable, we used to have it exchanged. We matured, we started sharing, but there was not satisfaction that comes from heart. It was still like an autocrat or a trader who is always after proving himself or winning his bread.

We were busy with our studies, life, and job and forgot all that happened. I had to move away from Maharashtra and come to kerala, which was not a place even in my dreams for a job. I had to live with a group of 35-40 people in a hostel or say accommodation provided by the company.

Here you are one; you should never have a desire to eat or have anything at self in front of the 10 watching you. This would no be a new thing to the people living in metros like Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are built up to be selfish and self centered, so they do not feel it bad or do not recognize how bad it is to eat in front of 20 a food, they are not having at the same time. It is time for you to look deep into your perfect attire and ask you a question. Is this all I need to be a perfect man, a professional, a human being, a living thing?

You will have the answer.
Nature and life would let you have the answer and learn the Art of sharing. You will experience how satisfied you are even when you have a small piece of bread after sharing it among the others surrounding you. Sharing in terms of food, love, experience, knowledge is important and gives you ample satisfaction you never have had before.

satisfaction through sharing

Try this piece of advice and you would notice, you do not need a piece of attire attached to your body to make you a professional and human.

As all techy have a name of their new discovery or development, let it be called Art of sharing, version 5.0

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marathon IT Kitchen meets held daily at 8AM in Cochin

Marathon IT kitchen meets are held daily at 8 AM in cochin. Palace in Tripunithura are the main working centers of these marathon kitchen meet.

It guys are really gona rock and rap, and book a bed in the hospital if they keep on working with this schedule. I am woking late nights, all IT guys have the same "rona-dhona". Hey! I heard someone saying "Bill gates is working 16 hours to 22 hours, so why cant we?". he he ha ha, Bill gates spends 10,000 USD and had thousands of people working under him.. why dont you guys say that? Anyway the post is not on Bill gates so let him go for the dinner.

Marathon IT Kitchen meet

Ok the main theme behind this article is the marthon IT meets held at cochin. This began when I decided to eat at home to avoid the problems of hotel food. If you gona get to work at 9 Am and get back at 8 PM , when are you going to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner made. So we are having the so called marathon meets where we wake up at 8 Am in the morning and all are busy cutting vegetables, boiling rice, making breakfast. We the IT guys organize it in our kitchen, so it's called marathon IT kitchen meet

It was after a long research and experience that I came with a plan for marathon meet. I was facing problems preparing my breakfast, lunch and dinner due to lack of time and mismanagement and wong planning. So why dont I have a plan for my kitchen like the ones we have for our projects. We decided to have our best been given in the morning to get the breakfast and the lunch prepared.

Marathon IT kitchen meet process:

I will descibe the marathon IT meet with two pople including you ie. you, first and second. That does not mean you are named 'third', you are named 'you'.

1. For a better and competitive marathon meet, you need to get up in the morning at 8 AM, have first cut vegetbles, second wash rice and keep it in a vessel for boiling. Let second brush his teeth and have his bath. Meanwhile heat a pan and have the onion from amoung the vegetables been cut to be fried first.

2. while the onions are been fried, have the rest of vegetables ready for cooking by cutting them. Try to keep a little heat with the pan and more with the vessel in which rice is been boiled.

3. After you have the vegetables cut and onion fried put masalas and leave it for the small flames by having the lid closed.

4. Now have your teeths brushed and get ready to add salt within the curry, get the first to look after the curry. Taste the curry and meanwhile you will have the water boiling. Put it out from the flames and keep it in the thermal cooker.

5. Close the thermal cooker and you will have it ready for your lunch or dinner.

6. ready to make a upuma, puttu or chapatti for the breakfast and handle it over to second who might have had his bath till now, let first to brush his teeth. Jump like a mad man into the bathroom and have your bath.

7. After you are back; let the second cooking, to have his dress ironed and meanwhile you take the responsibility of kitchen.

8. Send the first who had his brushing over for a bath. After he is back from bathing, handle him with the cooking.

9. now you have to iron your clothes and the second who has completed ironing clothes has to eat food. Let him watch TV and you have food while the third irons cloth because fod is prepared.

10. Then what? Kahani khatham. marathon finished... off to office. Aur kya..

Aakashvani and new Marketing strategies at SBT - State Bank of Travancore

I went to SBT ( State Bank of Travancore), Tripunithura to transfer some money to my Nagpur branch account. Usually the people use to stand in long queue and have their requirements related to transfer and depositing fulfilled.

State Bank of Travancore, tripunithura

I was visiting SBT at Tripunithura branch after a period of 6-7 months.
I reached SBT bank by 2.20 PM and saw no one at the counter as they were away for lunch. I was waiting in a chair leading to the boundary of the building from the money counters to have my money transfered to my SBT account in Nagpur. I could not see people in front of the counter waiting in queue; Earlier it used to be in that manner. I heard a enigmatic voice coming from somewhere above my head, that went into my ears and I could make out something like " token no. 194 please come to counter no.3".

Appa! what a change? I could see chairs in front of each counter and people appeared in front of the chairs after the voice of that aakashvani. It was not late for me to understand that they had some token, taken earlier for their requirement. I enquired at one of the counters and found that the tokens are generated as printed tickets upon press of a button on the equipment placed at the enterance.

Soon upon fash of the light I was in front of the machine and like the Ben in Ben 10 serial on cartoon network, I pressed my hand over the button; The only differece being a button insted of the watch. "piss", came out a ticket with feeble sound. It was written..token no. 197. I waited for my call by the SBT aakashvani machine.

Till that time I was watching the persons at the counter serving honey licked words to the people in front of them. I think these changes are part of the new marketing strategy of SBT. SBT is trying to beat the private banks by these tactics. Three plauses for SBT, who tried to change the way they work. Lets wait for some more interesting things to come from them like free gifts to visitors who visit them each month...
Bahut jyaada hain,... mm.. maalum hain bhai!

ok leave.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Revealing the rumours of karkidaka kanji - medicinal poridge

Munna and pappu finally prepared the karkidaka kanji today. It lead to revealing the rumours about its taste and the prepration. It was spread by different persons since years that karkidaka kanji is bitter to taste, it is too hard to prepare and requires a lot of patience.

karkiaka kanji kit

Dont let your ears listen to those rumours.
If you are not aware about the ingredients of karkidaka kanji you could refer the earlier article on "munna and pappu to prepare karkidaka kanji". Go through the manorama link within that page. If you are a new bee and feel it tedious to buy the ingredients and prepare it then buy a karkidaka kanji kit.

Karkidaka kanji kit will cost around 100 rupess and can be taken by a single person for 7 days.

Steps to prepare karkidaka kanji from kit.

1. Take navara kiri rice from the kit and boil in a vessel with 1 and 1/2 liters of water. You do not need this volume of water if you plan to cook in a cooker.
2. After the rice is half cooked put the aushadha podi into it and stir it well.
3. After it is cooked, serve in a plate and get ready to eat.

It was fine for me to taste, but if you feel the taste bitter you can use jaggery, coconut milk or onion pieces fried within ghee to be mixed in the karkidaka kanji.

Monday, July 20, 2009

silks king from chennai seen on road

Yesterday I was alone in the room, prepared breakfast and boiled rice for the lunch.
There was no new movie or any good news on the telivision. I decided to go for a movie. Called Avinash and we decided to watch kambahkt ishq at padma in shenoys cinemax cochin. We reached the theatre at 1.30 Pm and came to know that next show will be at 3.15 PM. We decided to go to chennai silks. Silks king from chennai, chennai silks is seen on road.. MG road.

chennai silks ernakulam

Chennai silks has built a 9 storied building at MG road Ernakulam (kochi) with clothes for ladies, girls, boys, gents and old people. Clothes needed from birth till death, it has all in this building.

At the ground floor of chennai silks ernakulam you could watch the clothes for ladies, second floor is also for ladies, third floor; I suppose has dress pieces and on the fourth floor it has clothes for genious like me. I was searching for a blue shirt. I did not go beyond the fourth floor as I was busy selecting shirt.

Chennai silks ernakulam has two brands of its own, rest are the other common brands. You have good varieties to select from the range. I was not able to see the saree collections. I assume chennai silks is popular for its silk saree collection. I will see it the next time as I am planning to buy a saree for my mother. A pattu saree.

Sales men are from Tamil Nadu, so I hope they wll face some problem at convincing people. But chennai silks ernakulam made a good sales on Sunday. As it is aadi maasam clothes will have good discounts. They also accept credit cards and

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meeting lord Aiyappa on Byke

My uncle visit sabarimala each month on Byke. It was 5 months prior when my uncle called me to bring my byke to kayankulam. The next day morning we left kayankulam to Sabarimala to meet lord aiyappa. It was too cool and the journey adventurous. You need to be a good driver to drive on the hilly roads. There are a lot of S turns on the sabarimala road.


You should be vigilant at the vehicle coming from the opposite direction because you are driving up and others down on a not too wide road. we reached sabarimala by 8 AM, had a bath at pamba which was scarce with water. Later we kept our bags and helmet in a shop at sabarimala. My uncle know most of the policeman and the shop owners at sabarimala and sannidhanam.

We reached sannidhanam and worshiped lord Aiyappa before 1 PM. I still remember how hot the floor was , and we need to run for malikapuram amma's darshan.
Later we had a cool bath at Bhasmakulam. It was the first time I was having my bath at bhasmakulam in sabarimala.

I think you will be able to worship lord aiyappa more closely and fo more time if it is not a season time.

Malayalees to protest iphone stores in cochin- Funda vanda sab hain thanda

Apple is again on the Indian soil with its new version of iphone, iphone 3G S. Yes nahi S, and is said to be the most powerful iphone. I am glad to hear it did not say the most powerful phone. I still remember when there was a lot of news on iphone and I planned to purchase one.

apple iphone in cochin

I made the minds of a couple of my collegues to purchase it. It was discussed in newspapers, magazines, blogs.. everywhere.."hey! iphone to launch 3G touch for $199 only".

"Bapu ki dukaan and bapu ka maal, kuch bhi bolo", I think that should be the right sentence to describe it. apple gave iphone features and its cost of $199 in the website. Till the launch date people in cochin were happy and eager to see it and purchase the same. I was teasing all my friends who bought another sets and were sad to see iphone with a touch is so cheap.

On the launch date it was declared iphone 3G at rupees 35,000 only. Udumbaa!, all dreams and all imagination vanished into cochin's water collected roads. It took a long time to recover from it.

And now see here comes the pappu with the new dialogue. The fastest and cheapest phone. Hey! kuch bhi bolte hain kya. We the cochinites are planning to protest iphone.... mm.. in our minds.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Can rain gods challenge the cigrette smokers ? No...they have shown it

I have heard from people I met in my life that, you can change habit of Alcohol consumption but never a habit of cigrette smoking. They say it us a habit they are used to. They can think leaving tea for day but never smoking.

Cochin witness rain these days heavily. Rain god thought to challenge cigrette smokers of cochin and started raining heavily since this morning. He started showering rain at 9.24 AM in the morning. He made no one stand on the roads or the balconies to smoke cigrettes. He decided "ok, today no one is gonna smoke thats a challenge."

smokers challenge for rain god

(click to enlarge)

Rain god was astonished to see a scene at 3:15 PM at tripunithura, cochin. He saw a cigrette smoker standing in front of a small shop smoking cigrette with an umbrella. The man was full of confidence and uttered " Hey! shower man shower, we wont stop smoking. This is in our blood and veins."

This shows how confident the smokers are, even rain god lost the challenge.
Rain god was so sad that he was crying since then and even did not stop now at 11.49 PM. I hope he understand the will power of smokers and stop crying by the morning so that I could reach office without being wet.

Hey! rain god.. I am not a smoker so leave me...

what is life at Abhi ?

We meet many people daily; we experience different situations in our life, problems, happiness, sorrow..
Do we really record them or do we remember everything?

Just imagine that you have a space ( a reference ) where you can often refer to see what happened in your life.
What all you went through ? what was so exciting last night.. ha ha..

life at Abhi

That is how I thought to create a blog where I can refer to all the daily happenings, great experiences etc.

I am Abilash; My friends call me Abhi... and this is "Life at Abhi"

Might be, I can detail some experiences that are useful to others.
It may help them to overcome the problems I came across.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breathing, Art of living and 6 pack exercises - My exersice schedule to eradicate diseases

Doctor advised me, to have breathing exercises in my daily schedule to avoid the frequent occurance of diseases.I was told to attend the Art of living classes in Ernakulam conducted by groups under sri sri Ravishankar. My coulegues also referred me to attend the classes as they will benifit me on the long run.

Art of living exercises

On the other hand I have stopped attending the gym which I used to do earlier, though I have made my fat percent turn the minimum and let my 6 pack exercises go along.I am not able to develote everyday on these practices but I assume I would be able to do so from tomorrow.

Taking your best practises along your IT life is as tough as running on a sharp blade. I think I should schedule my life and timings to get it correct. Also I will have to find the art of living exercises in Ernakulam.

Our Akkidikal in the kitchen- From aviyal to payasam

I started a community in orkut named Nmmude akkidikal 98.5 to share all the chammal and akkiddi's(mistakes and foolishness) people do or is done unknowingly. All have some or the other mistakes that they make in life unknowingly and later laugh dreaming about it. I would like to highlight some of our akkidis while at the kitchen.

Akkidikal at kitchen

We were 6 people at our room and planned to prepare food in our own kitchen. We arranged all utencils and gas. Biga was the only experienced cook other than me and jinu. Here are some of the akkidis made by each.

Biga's Kappa vevichathu Alias kappa kanji:

Biga decided one fine day, I think that was a suday to prepare kappa and kadala for morning breakfast. He never entertains any member in the room while he is cooking. He started cooking the kappa after cutting and washing in a coocker and prepared kadala(chana). We tasted kadala and it was delicious.
Kappa was kept for 6 whistles, taken out and mixed with turmeric. He took a big spoon and started crushing it. All were amazed and laughing to see the kappa changing into kanji. It was full watery like a khichdi.
Biga says" This is it. I understood now that the cooker needs three whistles instead of 6."

Ada pradhaman changing to sweet milk

It was Biga's birthday and he decided to prepare ada pradhaman. We baught a instant ada maker. It was written to cook in 1 liter of milk. I said biga we need only half litre of milk, he insisted no 1 liter is mentined in the pack and we need to use it. At last when the payasam was served, all that I could discover was Milk and only milk, all ada was dissolved in the milk.

Theeyal become ulli kari

I learnt the stuffs needed to prepare theeyal and started to prepare the same. The last output had a lot of onion and it become a ulli kari.

These are some amoung the akkidis that we met with during our training at the kitchens. Now we are the best cooks cochin could ever discover. We know everything to cook from Aviyal to moorkari, chicken fry to gobi manchurian.

Did you experience anything like this?

Munna and pappu to prepare karkidaka Kanji- The medicinal poridge

Munna and pappu are going to prepare karkidaka kanji, right useage would be going to learn how to prepare karkidaka kanji- The medicinal poridge. Biga was explaining me about the importance of Karkidaka maasam which will start from tomorrow.

karkidaka kanji

He says leafy Vegetables are considered to be toxic these days in ayurveda and they advise to have a karkidaka kanji to ensure proper body functioning. I never had it before. I think this will be like his chakka paisam which he made before. I will have an article coming up on Biga's akkidikal after this.

Anyway Biga is a good cook and taste matters. I have learned some dishes from him and the way he prepares them appears bit scientific. He has contacts with a lot of scientists through Swadeshi science movement. I think this has influenced him have all this info.

Karkidaka kanji prepared by Biga; I am expecting it to be the same. Atlest it cannot be a karkidaka paisam even if Biga prepares it.

Refer to the following manorama page for the ingredients of karkidaka kanji.
Karkidaka kanji ingredients

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kitchen king awards in Cochin - First prize to Puttu ulathiyathu

Puttu ulathiyathu is the favourite dish of the residents in Cochin. Puttu ulathiyathu is a rare combination of taste and sweet smell. It is a dish that can be prepared in 15 minutes, most suitable for the professionals who use to cook at their own kitchen. My friend Biga recently discovered this dish after he ate pork ulathiyathu from mamma's restaurant at Petta, cochin. There were a lot of dishes with the name ulathiyathu at last.So he decided to discover one by his own.

puttu ulathiyathu by Biga


1. A cup of water
2. Rava or Wheat powder or Rice powder
3. Salt to taste
4. Coconut grinded

Steps to prepare:

1. Put some salt in the powdered rice, rava or wheat which ever is available and wet it with water. Don’t pour the water over the powder rather sprinkle, till it forms a mixture.
2. Heat the puttu kodam with water in it. You could fill the kodam half, so that it is able to give you 2-3 puttu prepared.
3. Fill the mixed powdered mixture into the cylindrical top of the puttu kudam till the mixture reaches top. Leave some space on the top and place grinded coconut.
4. Close the lid above.
5. After you notice some steam coming out, it is time for you to understand that the puttu is cooked.
6. Serve it on a plate and keep it 1 meter in front of you.
7. This step is the most important , that you should do with full determination and confidence. Try staring you eyes over the served puttu and say the wordings “Powderil ninnum puttu ayitu nee enthu aanu ulathiyathu”8. If you said it without missing the actual pronounciation, then your puttu ulathiyathu is ready.

You will be able to make out that puttu ulathiyathu is ready, from the face of puttu which will be shy after your dialogue.

This was the dish discovered by Biga and he is expected to receive the next kitchen king awards in Cochin.

Dileep Paveri in night of the iguana - tips for night workers

Dileep paveri of paveri mana, is leading a night life. I recently read about a stageplay named night of the iguana on wikipedia. When I heard the name 'night', I remembered Dileep, who is spending most of his time at the office during nights. He was working in banglore and since then he has the habit of working late nights.

Dileep paveri cochin

It has affected his health too. He is an early room for diseases. Working late nights may cause severe disturbance on your life cycle. Imagine you sleep when you eat and you eat when you sleep, how does that sound... The same it is in rea life. I would recommend as a health concious person, experienced, extra educated,.. I have no adjectives left.. ok I would recommend to maintain your life cycle the way nature needs it to be.

You should sleep during nights and wake up in the morning thats what the body created by mother nature, demands.
Some points you should take care to maintain good health and maintain it during night workouts.

1. Eat your food at regular time each day.
2. Prefer to stay max till 12 PM if urgently needed.
3. Try to have some dry fruits and maintain the body fat and nutritional order.
4. Wake up early and go early to sleep.
5. If you are working late nights, intake the maximum water you could.
6. For night workers try to have a half an hour sleep if you are awake till the morning.

I hope these could be helpful, but try to avoid working during night and the disorders. As your healthy body and mind are jewels for future generations.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tour de france la manikandan- Childhood the most enjoyable time

Manikandan pour le Tour de France. He is the younger and the only son of my Aunt(my fathers sister). Not too talketive but a bit mischevious, not at all like Akshay. Whenever I visit home, he search my pockets and my bag for the apple ipod. He is intrested in music. If on byke he will never let me rest without him been taken for a ride.

tour de france- Manikandhan

This sunday I went there and his passion was to ride a bicycle. He was insisting me to teach him ride a bycycle and pretending as if he is going for a tour to france(le tour de france) and needs to learn bicycle before it.

I made him sit on the bicycle and move the padels holding hands over the rear end of the seat. He was enjoying the tour, and made me do the same for 2 hours. At last my Aunt brought some sweets to eat and I had rest.

It is this time in your life you could enjoy the maximum. Childhood never returns, and never time. I was watching him play and enjoy the ride.Dream! I could be back to my old days..

Was rain god bathing for Sajiths engagement ?

It was Sajith's engagement on Sunday. I was planning to go and attend the same but was not able to attend as my grandfather was ill. Sajith is also going to marry. I think the next chance is for Biga. Biga is trying to extend his marrage giving several reasons to his parents.

Sajiths engagement

Avinah called me on saturday to know whether I was moving for Sajiths marriage and may be could take him along with me, as he did not know malayalam. Finally he decided to travel through train and to be arraiving at Sajiths house and attend the Engagement.

When we were at the station we purchased a tea and Param pori( a dish made by frying banana within besan, same as pakkoda). After having it I crossed the crossing to reach platform 2. the time I reached there and rain started falling.

Avinash and rain god

It fell too badly. It appeared as if rain god was bathing for Sajiths marriage with shower turned to high speed. It went fast and slow several times and continued for 5-10 minutes. We later got into the train which came at the platform.

Barbarian and Suriya in a round vaaranam aayiram

If you guys would have watched tamil flick "vaaranam aayiram" then you could remember the different stages of life potrayed by Suriya in the movie. He plays role of father, teenage boy, drug addict and army man. You might wonder why Abhi is speaking about all these things here. My grown hairs remind me of Suriya's drug addict character and the recent look his Army character.

suriya barbarian look vaaranam aayiram

As I said I went to home, I received a lot of scoldings and comment from relatives and neighbours for growing the hairs. Here are some of the words.

1. Grand mother( Muthashi) - Abhilash you appear to be too weak, I think yor hair is long. Thats the reason. ( she teased me indirectly.. eppadi)
2. Grandfather (muthashan) - atleast get the hairs at the back cut; front hairs look fine.( he scolded for growing hairs while pleasing me at the hairstyle at the front)
3. Aunt- Ayye! what a bad look Abhi. How can you do this, have you gone any wrong way while going to Ernakulam.
4. Uncle- Abhilash do you need a blade, I think the beard appears grown. I mean if you do not have a blade at Ernakulam I could give you one.
5. Chechi(sister)- Abhi, is it part of a miser's revenue saving.
6. Head at office- Abhi, I think your disease is not yet cured. Did you have a bath today? I think your hairs appear too grown. I would recommend you to have the hairs cut as it appears to me as a cause for diseases.

After comments and scoldings, I finally decided to have the hairs cut. The comparison is in the image above you see me in.

Bye bye to my hairs....

Akshay kumar seen blowing Bubbles and playing bubble game

I went to meet my grand parents on saturday. My Aunt has two boys and both of them were waiting for me. It has been 3-4 weeks since I went there. I reached home by 10 PM, and the boys already went to sleep being tired waiting for me.

akshay kumar blowing bubbles

Akshay Kumar is the elder amoung the two. His full name being Akshay kurup and nik named Thangu by his mother and family. He is to join the second standard.
He bought a bubble toy the same day I came and was blowing and making bubbles that seem very nice for appearance. I took some pics of Akshay kumar blowing the bubbles.
It remind me about my childhood when I once accidently drank the soap water given along with the toy to blow bubbles.

Akshay is a mischevious boy, who "always" never listen to anyone. I still remember the incident when he burnt the dry grass in the fields playing with match sticks. He was beaten badly by his mother. The next week he again burnt the leaves but this time the fire was severe.

There was another incident when he was being scolded by his mother and was crying on the road side. An old person walking the way felt nervous and said him " son, please dont cry.. we will find a solution to whatever problem you might have. Could you please explain it." In return he said a word and the old fellow ran like nothing. He said "Poda Patti"( in malayalam pronounced as go away you dog)... ha ha it was nice watching the old man running with life.

Children are too clever and mischivious these days. They are too sharp and learn everything without actually known about the good and bad. They hear words said from a professional to a street boy. It is always advised that parents be calm and try to make their children differentiate between good and bad.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Harry Puttar, Harry Potter or Hermaine to be viewed in new releases of the movie at Ernakulam

Harry potter and the dash dash... movies are more popular in India than abroad. Children are more eager to watch the Harry potter and mothers their harry Puttar in the cenema halls. Parents find it a sign of social advancement to have their daughters and son's watch and read the harry potter series. "Manju, he baba get ready to go to the shop this evening. We should be the first to buy harry potter in the building." When are mothers going to recover from the never ending advancement and extra neighbourhood competitions.

harry potter in ernakulam

Try to understand your economy, and writers locally. Too much advise from a growing boy. May be I am able to give such advise as I dont eat bonvita daily. Bonvita was tested with the people living in two buildings and I was amoung the ones who was not given bonvita.

hermaine of harry potter

I went through a portal and found some cute photos of hermaine in harry potter. Children have grown but not their dresses. Modern culture is inverse, if you grow older you wear shorter.

Harry potter's new series is expected to attract a lot of children and ofcourse me. But a common advise to parents not to waste the childs weekends on harry potter books and series just to win the competition. It wont make much to say my son is intelligent reading a harry potter book and the one who didnt read is a dumb... NAAAAA!!!

The Levis strauss style- Jockey acquired Levis in Ernakulam

In ernakulam you would see a new fashion, which is a result of the acquisition of Jockey, the underwear manufacturer over levis strauss, the jeans manufacturer. Brand makes a lot of meaning in lifestyle, I understand this when I look at the people in Ernakulam. When I was in my college days, guys used to wear jeans of levis strauss and trigger to show off the brand and their status. This was symbol of growth and advancement. This is been acquired by the enhusiasts who would like to be quiet different than the others.

street 3.0 looks with levis strauss

Ernakulam has a new style, Now you do now give importance on a single part but you have to project all the valuable entities you use. People have now given up wearing and projecting the same branded jeans or trosure looks, they have decided to go steet 3.0

Street 3.0, a branded terminology used by me at describing such persons and their style. The description about their appearance is beyond explanation but still I would try explaining it.

Street 3.0 is wearing loose jeans of levis strauss or a popular brand and having them a bit bigger than your waist, so that they have your valuable and branded underwears been projecting outwards. You need to have a short T-shirt making your brand identities to show-off. The most important thing you should ensure is to have a hippopottamus skin embedded into yours.

Jockey acquired levis strauss

YO! to the stylish guys who would never mind walking around the streets and sand of indian origin with a britisher look. Sorry I would not like to entertain britishers as they dress more decent.

Who will cut my hairs ? Aamir khan

I assume my hairs long enough to be cut. I have craze about some unique entities which change with my growing age. In some verge of my growth graph I had craze for Games, later studies then bykes, drawing, gadgets and so on. It happens with each and eveyone of you. Craze is something you possess within yourself. Not too philosophical neither too intelligent Am I, to give you detailed class on this topic. I was speaking about my recent craze to grow hairs.

Aamir khan cutting hairs

Why am I growing hairs?
I thought, let me have some research on the tension girls take to grow hairs. Did I thought about that? Or because I do not have money to cut my hairs Or I am afraid of barbers and sissors? None of them is right in my perspective. I grew my hair because it appears to me as something different I never had before or this is the right time I would be able to do something I plan to do.

The next question then would be, who will cut my hairs?
I will need a professional person to cut them because it took me pains to grow them, buy costly hair oils, buy a pouch of shampoo extra than I normally did. So I would like someone great to do this work with atmost professionalism.
Will Aamir Khan do it? haha... I read a news article published in MSN and saw a photo picturizing Aamir cutting hairs for his new movie gajini. I hope I should call him to get the things done a better way.

When I was with my parents I never had done anything similar to this nor would do anything when back. I hope this is the time I would be able to satisfy my craze.So I hope to get the hairs cut by Monday, not yet decided though. I would have to do a probability study that most lovers do using a flower. They pluck each petal one after the other saying " she loves me", " she loves me not" and the last petal being spelt is what they make a decision at or I would use the technique used by cricketers or children, using a coin tossed to decide the fate.

It is saturday and I am in front of my computer. On saturdays I do not have a busy schedule nor a tight work so I spent most of my time researching or writing. Internet is a wizard or can be compared to an endless tresure for information exchange and knowledge.

I would be able to write articles on this blog only after I reach my room on working days. I plan to call Atul today (chidimaar), may be I will write about him in the next Article. He is one among my good friends.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lunch, hunger and balanced diet waiting in front of hotel rajadhani tripunithura, Ernakulam

Am I woried nower days about my health.. mm... NAAAAA..I was never worried and I am not even now worried about it. But as my doctor advised me to have regular food, I have to have it from outside; may be, till I have my kitchen well arranged as before.

Food and hotels

I had my lunch today from hotel Rajadhani tripunithura. I think this is the only hotel in the Tripunithura that serves tasty food. I could never notice such taste with NM food court. The most amazing thing you could notice in tripunithura is the long list of curries you get with rice. These Brahmins and Rajas, I think like to have a lot of water and not good vegetables with food.

To be frank I never had a good "chatpata", food from here. In Maharashtra you have a lot of variety foods. Here I could see mens with tummy and rice, I think that is their mool mantra. Anyway I am not here to devise punch lines about Tripunithura, I like the place, the temples and all but food... " Amme njyan varuva" ( Mother I am coming back: Said in malayalam)

I have learned a lot of good recipies from my mother and I should not praise me, but still I am a good cook. May be I dont need to marry for this reason atleast. Kidding...May be I plan to have the dinner at home. let's see.
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