Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday a dark rainy night !!!!

Yesterday at 8 pm; there came a great rain and the electicity vanished from there, "where"?

my room.... dear....

Within no short time, there was a flash in the tubelights and then I heard sound of a great bang "udumbaa", seems the transformer got the fuse destroyed. We decided to move out for a walk till the electricity is back. Now we had to take dinner, biga gave a suggstion to enter a shaaap ( called toddy ). This is a place in kerala where most visitors are experienced daily.

Here hits and user experience don't matter. The only marketing you have to do is just a board name "toddy". If you have another called beverage you will see long never ending queues.

We entered there as the cook prepares good kappa an kakka( sea shells). Ate a 2 plate kappa( kappa also known as cheeni .. in english as tapioca )that filled the stomach to 55%. Later thought to walk to get it digested. While walking we discovered that there was no electricity in the entire area, so understood it will take too long for it to be back.

It took us no time to make a new plan, mm... to watch a movie. We went to a nearby movie theatre and watched the movie. The movie finished at 12pm.

The roads were dark with no light across. We used biga's mobile torch and walked gently to home. then...

then what the next day and again to office...

Making a 6 pack is not a child's game

When we see actors around us in 6 pack abs, it is excitement to get around with the same. Having a lean stomach and straight spine is not that easy, it may appear to be a bit easy though.

Dieting will not get you a 6 pack abs rather a balanced diet and better excercise can yield it. It has been 3.5 months for me visiting gym and doing daily workouts and exercises. I really can understand now that it is quiet difficult to get one without the effort and pains you have to go through.

Some simple tips for a 6 pack abs:

1. Drink a lot of water, dont let the body to be dry.
2. Excercise twice a day for lower, middle and upper abdominals besides workout at gym. This will take 2 hours each in a day.

Just follow these two along with the workouts. You can see great difference in 5-6 month time.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

post office holidays for 2009

I was not able to post any articles for this may mid to april as I was completely busy with the projects. The post office ( My blog ) was entirely closed may be say due to holidays.

But the only problem is i won't be able to declare when there will be a holiday.
Whenever I will get a new project I will be busy with it and then My posts will stop automatically.

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