Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Never send girls to study in Chennai or Banglore

You will be worried and will think why I have a title similar to this. I went the last sunday to watch a film called " ithu nangalude lokam", after I saw this movie I decided my cousins will not be sent to any banglore or chennai for studies. The story of the movie is that a girl and a boy joins a school and fall in love, they destroy their studies and hurt their family.

Eventhough this being a movie is fine, at last the hero gets a job in an MNC and gets the girl back but in actual life you will have your future in dustbin.

It is seen most amoung girls and few amoung boys that they route to a wrong path during their studies when departed from their family. Children during this age are behaving as if they are too matured and forget the family who grew them up.

It has been found during research that 70% of girls forget their families during a love affair which is more when compared to boys. Boys in India have a attachment to their families as compared to girls. As all that glitters is not gold similarly all girls are not unique, but the recent trend promotes them to think the love angles during their studies.

Girls should be educated about life and its importance within the family. They should be able to take right judgement at right time considering their family. Happiness of parents is the prime responsibility to be ensured amoung each child, this is the best they can provide to their family.

if you think you have diverse opinions, you are invited to comment. Might be you can change my thoughts.

Bright morning with "kora katta"

As you know we have being experimenting ourselves with quiet a lot of food items. yesterday we decided to prepare something really sweet. After a long long thinking the decision was made to make a kerala receipe called korakatta.

kora katta and ela appam

Korakatta is actually made from rice with jaggery and coconut as ingrediants. Jk the chef started preparing it. At start we were not at all ready to accept that this married man can do some miracle, but why not to give this "system-maniac" a chance.

Jk stated with making dough with the rice powder and later placed jaggery and coconut crunch within it. I already decided that today my stomach is going to get a tough workout. Jk told me to taste a piece and as I always say, to my astonishment it was really delicious.

I was able to understand the fact later why this was so delicious, know why ?
Because I brought all the ingredients. ( Kai Punyam )

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fast food - fast steps to half an hour cooking for dinner

I should say a few "Daadi ke nuske... sorry Abhi ke nuske" will be presented in this article. This article is dedicated to the 'immature-cookers'(cooking persons under training). I used the word immature-cookers for the ladies who are loved ones by their parents and the boys who are new to cooking field( as the modern trend allows boys to cook while the girls are watching cradled-serials).

A saint attains his extreme aim of nirvana when he understands god, similarly a boy / girl learns to cook immature food when he/ she joins an IT company. You might be sick working 8-10 hours a day for a 26 day-month and feel too lazy to prepare food and too lazy when you understand you are cooking something other than what you planned to cook. 'It happens'; but you should get rid of this bad habit of eating outside.

Mother calls a boy and ask " hey Pappu, what did you eat today ?". The boy replies' Fast food'. [echo sound everywhere] '' FAST FOOD... FAST FOOD''. Oh man! you will have to take a stomach for rent if you go on eating fast food. Try to prepare by yourself. You can try chappati and vegetable sabji.

If you are still worried how to get a tedious cooking easy, just follow the steps.

30 Minutes menu for your dinner:

1. Ingredients all you need is onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, salt, pepper, cinnamon and wheat flour.

2. You need to have a gas( A kinetizer will do), a chappati maker( if you do not know to prepare a chappati.

3. Make the dough out of the flour by pouring water into it. You should keep in mind you pour adequate water that ensures you are making dough for a chappati not a cake.

4. you can then make chappaties, if you are new to this arena of round chappati designing, you must prefer a chappati maker. Too easy and simple to use and costs just Rs. 1700. See my earlier post on how to choose a chappati maker.

5. For preparing a sabji.. cut the onion into small pieces. Do ensure they are small because big onion pieces do not cook well in short time. Cut the tomato into small pieces along with ginger and garlic being the minute cut pieces among all.

6. Smash the ginger and garlic in a mixer, put some salt to it. Do not add too much of salt.

7. Heat the onions in low flame oil and when little brownish in color add pepper and cinnamon and let it be heated for 2 mins; later add tomatoes to it. Close the lid for 10 minutes and later remove it and smash the tomatoes by adding garlic ginger paste to it. Pour some water and check the salt, if you need a bit more add the needed.

8. let it go deep cooking with flame high and lid open. Stir well so that it does not stick down the vessel.

Aaaha ! the food is ready. So hope you will have food at your own room from next time. I have seen my mother preparing food and now I am a perfect chef.

Top shooters for 2009 - "Mango stone throwers"

I studied in 6th standard that Stone age man used stones for hunting, building tools etc. I read about all these things but was never able to witness the fact, as I was not in the stone age. So sad ! that we missed a lot of ancient events; How man discovered fire?, How he built cart ?, How he hunted for food ?

But I was able to witness two stone age man and their activities on Sunday. I with my room mates went for shopping, purchased rice, coconut, pepper, biscuits, cake and a packet of soup. Biga was preparing the rice for the lunch while jinu was cutting vegetables, I started boiling water to prepare soup that can be used as a starter before the lunch.

After the soup was ready, we saw TV show of Asin and enjoyed drinking the soup. later I went inside and washed my cup, and heard feeble voices outside, I ran outside to see whats happening. To my surprise I saw two stone age man throwing stones and wood over a mango tree.

One man was a body builder and another a gymnastic fellow. The two were shooting stones and sticks over thy mangoes. I saw the builder throwing a stone over a mango and here it falls 'A big green mango'. I was very happy that I was able to witness stone age in my life.

Later I was able to know that these stone age persons were in need of a mango to prepare 'chammandi'.
So what have we learnt this sunday? A fact that never appeared in the history books, know what ?

Stone age man used to throw stones on mango trees to prepare chammandi.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Understand the importance of money

I made this blog so that I can share my views, life, experiences and that can help others to improve their thoughts and way of approach.

These days I am too busy at the office and could not find time to update the blog daily but I do ensure I post an article every 4 days in a week when I am back home.
Have you ever thought what you earn 20k, 30k, 50k, 100k ...whatever be it you will always feel that you are not satisfied.

I just imagine my college days when I used to get pocket money from my parents, may be 500 or 700 Rupees per month but I was able to satisfy all my needs and was never unhappy. That does not mean I am unhappy now; I earn more than what I can spend. The main thing you should ensure while you are earning is the importance of the money you earn. You should understand why you earn, how you earn and how you spend it.

You will only be satisfied with your life when you have a perfect saving system. Try to save as much as you can without compromising on the necessity. Each drop can fill a glass and subsequent drops can even fill a bucket and a river. Each minute earning counts.

You often may come with some questions as:

1. I always plan to save my money but situations make me to spend them. can I improve?
2. What is the procedure I should adopt to save money?
3. How will I be satisfied with my salary?
4. How to spend money ?

The answer to all these questions is understand what you need and what is useless.
if you are spending money on a thing that is not that necessary for your living then you should learn to compromise with it.

Plan your earnings and spend for the necessary.

If you earn 50k and can never eat the food you wished you could eat, then it will never satisfy you. Remember you are not going to take anything when you will be back to the creator.
But, .....but you should try to compromise where it is necessary.

Try to minimize your expectations and never compare. Just try these things and you will see you are saving more than enough for your future.

I expect your comments to better savings.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is the age of marriage

What is the age of Love ?

What is the Age of marriage ?

What is the age of Divorce?

Confused ! why am I asking all these things to you ?

Today is my birthday 12 March, the day I was born or the day when India got a great, passionate and enthusiastic personality ( The Abhilash ). My friends saw my orkut profile and tried to ask me a treat a day before. I said not to trust always on Orkut, so got limited birthday wishes. My good friends always know my birthday and they always wish me without consulting Orkut, or their network of friends.

I thought is it time for me to think when is the age to love, for marriage and divorse ? No! it is ofcourse not. hey! I am getting younger day by day, not older then why to think about all these things. For me life is something that should be lived for something extra.

Frankly you should love.. when you know you are matured enough, and know a person 'who know you better'. You should marry when you understand love cannot be stopped within these barriers, and you are ready to support your parents. Divorce is done when you understand you were never right.. it will be the best time for you to understand you are a failure.

I come in none of the above categories, so moral is " I am too far to handle the storm".

Today my day starts with my sister wishing me around 12:5 in the morning. My mother called me later around 7 am in the morning. She cannot forget this day, isn't it ?
Yes she cannot, no mother can and no good friends can. I went to temple later along with my girl friend.

I came to office and the first "birthday wish" I saw in my mail was from Shehna followed by Nisha and; The other guys after confirming that today is my Birthday.
I asked Kavitha to distribute sweets to all, as "she is the only person who know english" .. " ha ha".
Later a group of my coulegues wished me today, and I took all to a hotel for a grand but " small " Lunch.

The next will be followed by a grand dinner to my room mates and my girl friend.

Hope this birthday be a great birth day.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Morning at Moonar - Your full tour guide to Moonar

To be honest, this was again the best day of my life with my friends on a tour. My last tour was to "Adirapally and vazhachal" in Trichur district, with my coulegues in office. All my friends at my room were very angry on me from that time, as I did not invite them for it. It was a tour organized by colleagues at office and I could not invite my friends.

It was friday night me, Jinu and sabreesh were wondering how to spend the coming sunday. Jinu said " has been long since we visited anywhere, can we plan a tour to madhurai ? Might be we can arrange a cab from outside or a bus on that route."

[click the photo to enlarge it]

I too understood that it had been long since we guys went outside and enjoyed our holidays, at least a relaxation from daily working routine. But Madurai was too long and a tedious journey and also to and fro journey, visiting places all cannot be finished by one day. We were not able to finalize another place.

I called my uncle and asked if he can figure out some good places around ernakulam that can be visited in one day and we can also return the same day. He advised us to visit Moonar and guided to locate different places there and also the timings we should be reaching there.

We decided and made our minds, "yes we have to visit Moonar". Before finalizing we called our mentor and advisor advocate " Mr. Biga" for suggestions. He agreed and we started to plan our tour.

[click the photo to enlarge it]

[Details about Moonar]

"Moonar" is one of the beautiful hill station covered with widespread tea plantations and is 133Kms from Cochin. It has an altitude ranging from 1600 to 1800 meters above the sea level and boasts the highest peak in south India 'Anamundi'.

Munnar is the favourite summer resort of European tourists. The name 'Munnar' means 'Three Rivers' and they are actually three mountain stream, Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala, confluence at the heart of the town, meeting all the water requirements of the settlers and visitors.

Carrots at Moonar hill top

[click the photo to enlarge it]

We started around 4 am in the morning so that we can reach there before 7 am and visit Rajamala. Rajamala is a part of the Eravikulam national park, where wild goats can be found and the visitors entry starts from 7 am in the morning.

[click the photo to enlarge it]

The route from Ernakulam to Munnar crosses through the following places: Kolencherry - Muvattupuzha - Kothamangalam - Adimali.

Instructions and guide for a trip to Moonar:

1. You should always keep a sweater or a subsequent clothing that can keep you hot because the temprature at moonar is too cool.

2. If you are visiting Moonar and want to know the best route from your source in kerala then you can visit this website

3. Keep adequate money for purchasing fancy items and antiques. Food is cheaper than Ernakulam or any other city in Kerala.

4. You can have your breakfast from any small hotel which can be found around Rajamala or Moonar. They maintain the same cleanliness and hygiene as the big hotels.

5. Fill your petrol/ diesel/ gas tank to x liters that enables you to meet your destination Moonar. You can find the distance from the link in second point. If you are short of petrol you can find petrol pump at the hearts of Moonar, but do fill the tank so that you can reach all your planned places, you will not find another petrol pump after that according to my knowledge.

6. If you are going through ernakulam first visit rajamals that is opposite to the hill top. You can view rajamala and return to hill top, as Rajamala will be closed to visitors after certain period. Also do ensure the availability of Rajamala as it will be clossed during some months.

7. You can find devikulam and maatupetti during your visit to the hill top.

8. Do not waste your time after Rajamala and do move towards Hill top.

[click the photo to enlarge it]

The following were the points I think will help you during your journey. Now coming to our tour, we went to Rajamala and were notified that it will only open during the Aprils. We visited tea plantations and a little waterfall near to Rajamala. While on our enquiry we were told not to go beyond Rajamala towards tamil nadu as there are no other attractions. We went back to Moonar and went towards hill top.

You can view dams, rivers, do boating, shooting, shopping, view sanctuary and travel upon horses and elephants during your journey to hill top. It was really fascinating and adventurous.

We returned around 4:30 visiting Theattekad bird Santuary and Bhootathan kettu on the way to ernakulam. I hope we will be too energetic for the office the next day.

Maradu vedikkettu - The first vedikkettu seen by me at Ernakulam

I was able to witness one of the famous fistival of fireworks at Ernakulam, the "Vedikkettu" yesterday 07 march 2009. Vedikettu is a festival where different types of fireworks are being burnt, ranging from small to large fireworks inorder to please the Devi of the temple.

Vedikkettu is held at Maradu in Ernakulam district. vedikkettu, otherwise known as "Thalappoli Maholsavam", "Maradu Vedikkettu" or "ulsavam at Marattil Kottaram Baghavathy Kshethram." It is usually in February or March and is the biggest "Fire Works" in Ernakulam district.

This festival is conducted by 2 committees known as "Vadakke Cheruvaram" (North side of the Temple) and "Thekke Cheruvaram" (South side of the Temple).

Vedikkettu is celebrated for two days, the first being called a "sample vedikkettu" ( testing for the final day) and second the final vedikkettu. Sample vedikkettu has fireworks being burnt for half an hour, while the final vedikkettu spans 2 hours to 2 and half hours.

On the first day of sample vedikkettu, I left office at 6 pm went to room, refreshed myself and then went to maradu. I was not aware that it is held for half an hour so could not witness this. The next day it was notified to start by 8.30 pm, so I reached there early. The final vedikkettu started with large bangs of firewoks in the sky " BANG ! BONG !", followed by different types of marvelous arts illustrated through rockets in the sky.

The fireworks kept all the people busy till two hours without making anyone feel bored.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reliance and oberon mall

We have a new slogan these days. " We are feeling bore working 6 days in all 4 weeks for 12 months, we need some relaxation, some recreation". As part of the promotion for this slogan we thought to visit Oberon mall yesterday.

Or you can say the Oberon mall was visited by 3 great personalities Abhi, jk and Biga.

Oberon mall is from the Oberon group in Trivandrum. A good skyscrapper look attracts visitors in cochin and it is the second biggest shopping mall here.

There are a lot of stores to shop at; reliance timeout, levis and other branded stores, baskin and robbins icecream, candies, food, colours and a lot. the favourites being the T-shirt printing, sketch photos. You can get a t-shirt with your picture printed on it at 250 rupees, also there are options for plate, cup printing etc.

yesterday there were a lot of activities as part of the promotion including magical show, fire dance etc. We were roaming around the mall searching for something to be purchased. I had a big wallet filled with one 50 rupees note. I decided that I have to shop today, will purchase all the items I like in the mall.

Whenever I look at any item and plan to purchase it, there comes a feeble voice from JK " Abhi are you sure, do we need it ?" Ultimately I change my mind.

Jk saw a big pillow and asked me whether we should purchase it. I glanced at the price and saw it was 500 rupees only. I said Jk this one is too big, we need a small one. While moving a bit forward Jk said "hey ! Abhilash see theres a small pillow, we can purchase that". We went near it and started laughing, to the astonishment it was from Huggies brand. you can better guess it!

All were really enjoying yesterday, we took a lot of pictures and shot videos.
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