Thursday, February 26, 2009

Savitha a new Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus explore America, I read this during my school days. I was surprised to hear about that person who invented the great America, one of the biggest developed nation today. There are a lot of tales that we often read during our school days about the lost tresure and all..

I don't know but if you guys have read comics you may come across a lot of dectective novels where the cast, the hero finds a lot of hidden secrets and solves misteries.
But it is a old concept and was not been heard for quiet a long time.

You might be wondering why am I writing about such things here... Just because I came across another Columbus of 20th century.

It was 2-3 days before when it was reported on the daily gossip bazar that a valuable resource is being lost from the flat where the software staffs are staying. It was lit as a spark and caught heavy fire within no short time.

Soon came a order from higher authorities to deploy a decision bench, a head for the team who can find the lost item. The qualities of the new dective were to be compared with columbus as the valuable item was still unknown to the dectectives.

Soon the decision bench appointed Savitha as the head for the team to sort the issue for the lost item. savitha the mighty, young, sparking, beautiful, gorgeous,lady with her coulegue vinil went to the software premises.

Then began the great story " A CBI Diary kurippu ". Savitha professional in mighty skills used her tactics, balarama novels and poompata as a guide to find the item. She was fan of Inspector balram and garud from her childhood.

After a clear cut investigation she was able to find the lost resource " a valuable item".

Wow the lost item is still hidden from most of us. I have just heard that there was a feeble noice from savitha at last ... " cheee"

Auguash.. could someone predict the lost item ?

The moral for this story would be " Dont jump into a well if you don't know how deep it is".

Laptop doesnot detect CD / DVD drives

On a saturday, While installing updates on my laptop I thought for an appearance of mac os. I have a windows xp installed on my laptop, and it does not look much graphical. I have seen the dock appearance of Mac OS and thought should have a similar one.

IBM think pad

I searched around in Google and found a piece of software that could change my xp look like a mac OSX. I installed it but the size was more to cause my laptop to display a message I never like; "Memory low".

I called the admin and he deleted some files that made enough space for the new installation.

I installed the application and the appearance was similar to mac OSX. When I went home and tried to insert a DVD to my drive. The system shows no responce. I tried to fix it but the drivers were corrupted. I guess the drivers were deleted by the administrator by mistake or might be the software caused it to happen.

I tried different methods but could not find the solution. After a pretty good search I could find the registry values that made the CD / DVD drives to appear.

There are two filters within the registry files that cause effect on the CD/ DVD appearance. They are namely upper and lower filters. I deleted the values of both the filters and rebooted my system.

Now the laptop was able to detect the drives.

You can find the registry values by typing regedit in the run window.The path to the registry files was as follows.


What I need to do is delete the values of both the filters and all worked fine. Hope this helps you to correct the problem.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Favourites at Jinu's birthday

Sunday was a great day for me, think why ? Hey I had my favourite payasam that day.

Wake up in the morning as always and prepared my morning breakfast, on Sunday it was sandwitch. We were 4 at the room; me, Jinu, Prasanth and Sabreesh. It was 10 am in the morning and all of them were still sleeping. Around 10.30 am Sabreesh rose from the bed.. just like the Frankenstein who rose from the coffin in a movie.

He came closer to me and said in a feeble, though tough voice " Abhilash mm.... I am feeling hungry ". This was the first time I heard something creative from his mouth. Called all the guys and we went to the Royal bakery... I think they had a brush up.

I still remember a word that a uncle told me when I refused to eat the breakfast at his home, because I did not brush. He told me " Abhilash sher kabhi brush nahi karte ( Abhilash Lions never brush their teeth)" .. ha ha..

Had food and then planned to do a shopping for the lunch and dinner. Me and jinu went to purchase items from a super market and the others went to purchase fresh vegetables.

While shopping jinu purchased a cover for making payasam " kheer", I wondered what happened to this guy ? why are all of them thinking in a creative way .. today.. I asked jinu, and he replied .. " Abhilash today is my Happy Birthday".

ha ha.. how happy I was. not because it was Jinu's birthday, but because it was a great day when I can eat a lot of payasam.

Payasam is a dish that's being prepared in India for great occasions. In north India temples serve payasam to devotees, though its chandanam in South.

This was a readymade set for the payasam. Just we need to boil the items in the pack and pour milk and its ready. If you want to prepare one I would suggest to go for a "readymade pal ada". This is better for any lay man. If you are better at cooking you can go for "sarkara ada" or "sarkara payasam" ( this is the one that has jaggery within ").

For details on preparing a payasam refer this link.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Makante achan at shenoys

Yesterday while sitting at the room, we thought why not to see a movie in a theater. It has been 4-5 months since we last saw a movie. Biga said that we should ask Google about the movies being played recently in Ernakulam.

I took my lap and asked Google to show the movies, and it returned as the result where I can see all the latest movies running in theaters across India.
The movies which I found interesting were red chillies, makante achan and Delhi 6.
I though we should watch Delhi 6 but; "Biga" the old "Humpty Dumpty" was not intrested.

And finally we came to a conclusion to watch Red chillies or Makante achan.

The movie was to begin at 9 pm. We went in search of something to eat so as to satisfy the stomach.
Both of these movies are at MG road, and to our surprise we found Pai brothers that has 36 types of dosas.

Hmm... biga was planning to eat all 36 but his wallet told ......" No, Biga you are not professional in washing utencils, so please dont".

We ate egg dosa, ummm... it was awesome yaar...
You can find Pai brothers on the same side to shehnoys, inside a narrow street with a big board. The dosas there are worth watching and 1-2 for eating at one time.

We searched around for Red chillies but no chance, the next option was makante achan and to surprise got the ticket. Biga told me " Abhilash it is our luck that we didnt get the ticket for the later as there were no colours, all were black and white". His interest lies there..

Makante Achan is a good movie centered around a father and a son where the father depicts a character always worried about the enterance exam of his son.. to get a seat for engineering. It really potrays what's happening around in the society.

Was a nice movie, and at last I regreted that this movie did not come 8-9 years back.. otherwise I would have been releived from the " study study " dialogue of my mother...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Old nostalgia of athirapally waterfalls

It was 3-4 months before that we went to visit athirapally, still remember it. You know why ?, because it was a relaxation from the tedious task we use to do daily.

Athirappally Waterfalls is located 78 kms from Kochi (Cochin), located at the entrance to Sholayar ranges, this waterfall is a popular picnic spot. Affording to the onlookers, one of the most bewitching sights, Athirappally Falls is about 80 feet high and located in the forest area.

We were a group of 9 persons namely Sajith, Abhilash ( me ), Biju, Ashiq, Jyotsna, Rarima, kavitha, kunji and gopika. Eventhough not too active community but they were really worth to join any group that needs or expects enjoyment. More than a tour it was an exercise for us. We walked down to the waterfalls which was far long to walk. I hope most of the fat girls might have lost their weight, as boys were not fat.

Then after the sight seeing for athirapally, we went to varachal, enjoyed there, took photos. It still appears to be a nostalgia.

You might be happy to know that the film Ravan with Abhishek and Aishwarya will be shot there.

Formating a nokia N70

Yesterday whole night I was busy with my craze.. my gadget ( Nokia n70 ). I tried to load Nokia maps 3-4 months before into my mobile and tested how it works. After I uninstalled it the whole mobile went slow. The gallery and messages took a lot of time to open. I thought it might be the problem of any associated files from the same software and left it unnoticed.

While browsing the Nokia n70 I thought why not to get it fast again. I started searching for the codes or the ways to get my mobile phone restore its old settings.. but how can it solve the problem ?

I thought to figure it out. I removed the memory card from the cell and tried searching the gallery and messages; to my astonishment it was working fine but when I connect the MMc to n70 it gets slow. I found that n70 was facing some problem to read the data at a higher rate from the mmc.

I thought to format the mmc. saved my mesages and contacts by copying it and pasting to a folder. Then I clicked format from the memory option in n70. here there comes a message " memory card already in use".

It was unable to complete the command. I was unable to find the possible solutions in all forums. Then I thought about removing all the installed applications from the temporary cache of n70. For that I would have to restore the phone memory to old settings. I searched for the code to reset the set.
I did it and was able to format the card.

When I checked the cell again, I found that it was working faster as before.

But now was the main problem. i was not able to paste the saved messages to the inbox again. I found that the best means to retain the messages to phone again is to keep a backup of them through a pc suite than can later restore them again.

So guys this was the solution to the problem faced by a n70 user. Try to follow it when you have a similar problem. I hope this will solve your problem.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Craze for Nokia n97

I hope I do not have craze for money.. Is it ?         yes..I dont, but I understand it is a need.

I hope I do not have craze for Girls... Is it ?  yes.. I dont. That is something I never had craze for. I did not saw any girl in my life that can create the craze in me ( except one - but thats a college case and over )

Then for, what is the topic I have craze for.. they are gadgets. Gadgets and technologies are the only one I have craze for. Now the latest gadget I am expecting and where my eyes are stuck is the nokia n97. 

N97 is different with its best style and the touch pad option. 
Beleived to be providing the best software suport for next 10 years, N97 is expected to be called a pocket laptop. It will have all the extra features that will make it appear and work as a laptop.

I am always excited by the Nokia handsets and the software support they provide. It is unique.

I expect it to go beyond 40,000 rupees. It will be released by this year end in India. 
But I would advise not to purchase the set before it is live in the market for 6-7 months, as there may be different problems that come to notice ones it is in use. So let the set populate and then give a try.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recession - will we make it to an end

Thinking on the mass effect of recession. It has affected the market, each business, each individual, living etc..

Just think where we are, are we moving towards something that will drown in a day or two. I thought a lot today about where I am and what am I supposed to do. Is my track the right one ? So many questions.

The questions that arise in my mind are far far not answerable. When I turn back to my past I often think " have I made a good move" ? " Am I working somewhere where I should be"?

What am I? From my childhood I never thought about myself, neither my future ... not about anything. Became older, reached collages where the actual slogan still pierce deep into my ear buds " youth ".

Damn youth.. I never enjoyed my life. IS it ? Do these questions araise in everyones mind ?

To say really I was not so bad at my studies even. Besides a girl there was no single person in front of me in the entire university who have scored more than me in my final year examinations.

I thought to be a researcher... a person completely always busy, thinking on something creative.

Have I chosen a profession, a firm that will drown into this recession, will my job be in danger ?

So am I on the wrong track?

Of course I am not into any fortune 500 companies neither into any research, but I still consider the same thing the same spirit I had during my college days, you know what ?

I am the best and I can do anything the another guy can. Yes so thats it. No recession can beat you, it is not a natural calamity, neither a disease that will lead all the human beings to death.

Confidence should come from inside, you guys reading this might wonder why this person wrote this all about. Simple, to make you understand that never feel defeated and never accept your defeat before any situation in life, recession..... anything.

What you can do, "NO ONE CAN DO".
So declare your fight against recession and move ahead.

Pizza hut Cochin - Dinner

Yesterday we went for shopping.
Jk my friend need to buy a pair of shoe and we had to buy a chappati maker. We went to the woodlands at MG road and bought a pair of shoes for Jk. Jk took atleast an hour to select a shoe. Atlast he selected one and we went in search of a shop where we can find home appliances.

Near Woodlands junction we found a store. There were two brands one by Ramson and another by Vijay. Vijay was around 1900 and Ramson around 1700 rupees. I asked the shopkeeper whether there are any differences amoung the two. He said that there were no such differences except that they were both different brands.

We bought Ramsons chappati maker and then decided to have some food. We went to chitoor road where the Pizza hut is located.

Jk and me ordered a chicken Pizza and Biga a malai rancho. To make the scene and the eating an experience a lot of colours entered in. Biga was unable to eat as he was not able to move his head away from the other side where the colours setteled to eat.

It was a nice experience in the pizza hut and I pray to god it is not repeated again.
You wonder why, Isn't it ? Simple.. Lost a lot of money thats it.

I would suggest you guys to go for a family pack if the majority in the group needs the same flavour.

That would be more feasible and ecnomical. The worst part there are ofcourse the taxes.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bright morning at vytilla

It was 5.30 in the morning when I left office after a meeting with the European client. My coulegue Jinu asked me for a tea and we decided to have one. As it was early morning there were not enough stores open and that too selling tea.

Got up on my bike and we started a search for the tea stall.
We passed across vadake kotta, kirakke kotta and all the kottas, but no tea anywhere. Then we thought to approach vytilla. Vytilla is a place that connects all the major cities from cochin.

To my surprise there were a lot of tea stalls and we had our morning tea from there.
Breakfast was appam and kadala.

It was a nice experience to have a breakfast and tea in the early morning.
Hope I never have such experiences in future where I have to wake during my sleeping hours.

In search of a chappati maker

Today february 17, Tuesday 4: 39 am while sitting in the office after a major project I just thought about my diet. I went home 4-5 months back. It was after 1 year I visited home, saw my parents.

My mother prepares the sweetest food in this world. At least it appears to me though.
Since it was a long time I departed from my family, my mother gave me all the loving food that she could within the 1 week holiday. I ate like a hungry elephant that saw the sugarcane farms after starvation.

When back from home I noticed that my weight went above 80 kg's. Cheeks were chubby..Jyotsna varma ( a "friend" here )told I become too fat. Remember the old poem chubby chicks , dimpkled chin, rosy lips........

Now it was too bad for me to move and breathe .
I decided to get rid of this weight. joined a gym. Within 2-3 weeeks with the diet control menu I am now 70 kgs. I have decided to stop rice completely in my meals.

Now apart from rice I only know to make chappatis. Making chappati was a tedious task. i decided to purchase a chappati maker which would bake chappaties for me.

Asked the store nearby and came to know it cost 2500 rupees. I thought money is not a problem but the store have only one brand. 

Decided to shop cochin for a roti maker. 

hey.. guys its 4:51 am here.. think should sleep....

See ya with the stories tomorrow.

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